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The Pearl

Group 2's presentation

derick wong

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of The Pearl

The Pearl by John Steinbeck Summary Kino is driven to search for the pearl because of the unhelpfulness of the condescending spanish doctor Literary Devices In chapter 2 Kino is forced to hunt for a pearl which may help him pay for his son Coyotito's medical bills because the spanish doctor does not want to help him due to financial reasons. While Kino was in the shadowy waters he spots a large shell sitting alone and spots a glimmer coming from it. Kino brings the shell back up to the surface and prays that there is something valuable inside of it. When Kino opens the shell he finds the Pearl of the world which is round and perfect like a gull's egg. Imagery Irony Symbolism Foreshadowing Mood Metaphor Simile Hyperbole Flashback Kino’s songs is the forshadowing for what is about to happen in the story. Throughout the novel, whenever Kino has a particularly powerful feeling or instinct, he hears a song in his head that corresponds to that feeling. When he is happy with his family in Chapter 1, for instance, he hears the Song of the Family. When he senses malice or dishonesty, he hears the Song of Evil. These songs point to the oral nature of Kino’s cultural tradition. The ancient, familiar songs, presumably handed down from generation to generation, occupy such a central place in how Kino’s people perceive themselves that the songs actually give form to their inner feelings. Kino is much less likely to become aware of the sensation of wariness than he is to hear the Song of Danger in his head. . Kino also hears the Song of the Undersea. In this song Kino finds pride and strength. . As he approaches the "maybe pearl" while he is diving, he hears its "secret melody" When Kino finds the large shell, he is reluctant to open it first because he doesn't want to show the gods or God that he wants the pearl so much. He believes that if he wants it too much, it won't happen, and so he waits to open the shell.
An example of irony would be when Juana did not know that she had sucked out all the poison from her baby. She gathered some brown seaweed and made a flat damp poultice out of it. This is as good of a remedy as anything and probably better than what the doctor could have done. However, the remedy lack of its authority because it was simple and did not cost anything. The stomach cramps would not come to Coyotito. Perhaps Juanna had sucked out the poison in time, but she has not sucked out her worry over her first born. The mood of the story for this chapter is sad at first because he can not afford to cure his son, but later on the mood changes to happyness because he discovers the Pearl of the world which is going to change his entire life. A few examples of flashbacks that were found in chapter two are;

Pg.15 Second paragraph, “...she had prayed that they might find a pearl with which to hire the doctor to cure the baby...”

Pg.15 Second paragraph, “Perhaps Juana sucked out the poison in time, but she had not sucked out her worry over her first-born."

Pg.20 First paragraph, “...it was the hand he had smashed against the doctor’s gate and the torn flesh of knuckles were turned grayish white by the sea water.” Some examples of hyperboles that were found in chapter two were;

Pg18 Second paragraph, “His heart beat out a heavy rhythm and the melody of the maybe pearl shrilled in his ears.”

Pg19 Third paragraph, “Kino lifted the flash, and there it lay, the great pearl."
Hyperbole examples found in this novel are;

Pg.18 Second paragraph, “ His heart beat out a heavy rhythm and the melody of the maybe pearl shrilled in his ears.”

Pg.19 Second paragraph, “ Kino lifted the flesh, and there it lay, the great pearl, perfect as the moon."
A simile found in page 14 in the second paragraph, “Part of the far shore disappeared into a shimmer that looked like water.”
The pearl would be considered a symbol for this chapter because it will dictate his including his family's future.
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