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Filming Shots Types

No description

Coco Cao

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Filming Shots Types

Wide Shot
In the wide shot, the subject take up the full frame, it shows what objects are around the character, and it's mostly used to show where the movie or the scene take place.

The picture shows that Rebecca is reading in a room, and you can see what objects or people are around her.
Long Shot
In this shot you can see the character much better than the wide shot. You can see Rebecca's head to toe and it also allow viewer to understand the relationship between the character and the environment. Viewers can see that Rebecca is looking for something and you can see the surroundings.
Close Up
This shot is usually focus on the face of the character, in this shot viewers can see a lot more detail than medium shot.

In this picture you can see Rebecca's face expression very detailed, and I am trying to capture her emotion while she is reading her book.
Extreme Close Up
Extreme Close up generally magnifies beyond what the human eye would experience in reality.

In this camera shot I am trying to capture Rebecca's eye and this caerra shot's purpose is to forus on a mouth or an eye.
High Angle Shot is use to show the action above the characters.

In this picture Rebecca is sitting
below the camera so this is a high angle shot.
Medium Shot
Medium is the most common shot, this shot is mostly focus on one character. It contains a character from knees/waist up and is normally used for dialogue scenes, or to show some detail of action.

You can see Rebecca's upper body very detailed, this shows very little background, and it is concentrated on the face.
Camera Shots Types
High Angle Shot
Low Angle Shot
Low Angle Shot is when the camera is low oe below the actor, the background is often showen as the sky or the celling.
In the photo Rebecca is sitting on top of the table and the camera is below her and it can be consider as a low angle shot.
What I am trying to capture here is Rebecca looking out the window very quietly and the viewers can see the character's face expression and her emotion.
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