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Vietnamese Revolution

No description

Jessica Khaskheli

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Vietnamese Revolution

A huge region lying between China and India.
The name refers to the Indian and Chinese influences that surrounded the region.
The French chose not to give the Vietnamese enough land.
French landlords owned a lot of farmlands .
Most of the Vietnamese were farmers.
By: Simon Day, Linh Ha, Jessica Khaskheli and Bren Covington
Vietnamese Revolution
Indochinese Communist Party
Was established in 1930 in Hong Kong
REVOLTED against landlords
Tried to spread influences
Fought for Independence and unity
Viet Minh-League for Independence of Vietnam
a Prezi Presentation
What the end of Revolution Meant
Type of Government: Communisn
State control economic activities
Resources distributed equally to all of the society's people
End Connection to Future Events
N. Vietnam choice of being a Communisn Country
U.S. feared more Communist power
One of the reasons that led to U.S. involment in Vietnam War
Society Before Revolution
When the French were in control:
Vietnamese people were reduced to proverty.
French gained wealth from Vietnamese labor and resources.
This led the Vietnamese Revolutionaries in need of financial aid.
The Vietnamese Revolution was a pure act of REBELLION!
Alliance of Vietnamese communists formed by Ho Chi Minh.
Fought for freedom against the French and Japanese
Tried to find citizens willing to fight for national liberation from Japan and France.
Causation of Revolutions: Economical Crisis due to the government
Goals: To release restrictions on society and it's people in the case of laws/rules and conduct
Participants: Main participants=well educated
Tactics: Gain key control points in other words valuable locations usually due to the resources from the location
Prediction on future Revolutions
Based on those generalizations we can say that Iran would have a revolution in the future
Due to up rises of violence from the economical issues in the past few years
Aid From Others
China asist N. Korea
U.S asist S. Korea
Captured US Vehicles and Weapons funneled from China to Vietnam
Korea war during the time
Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969)
Born with name Nguyen Sinh Cung and had many names after that
Created the Viet Minh revolutionary group
First president of North Vietnam
Led the Viet Minh against French forces during the Indochinese War
A commited revolutionary
The Geneva Accords of 1954
An agreement signed between French and Viet Minh.
Ended the Indochina War
Divided Vietnam in half.
Viet Minh controlled North Vietnam
U.S. supported governmet controlled South Vietnam
Proclamation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam
On September 2, 1945 Ho Chi Minh formally declared Independence from the French and Japanese where he recited vietnam's declaration of independance.
Japan and The Allies
WWII- 1939-1945
France was in crisis
French goverment let Japan occupy Vietnam
Viet Minh gained support from America by helping them defeat Japan in battle
The French government controlled this region
Themes and Developments
The First Indochinese War
And YES... The August/Vietnamese Revolution was a pure act of REBELLION!
After Japan was defeated, the Allies agreed to occupy Vietnam
The Viet Minh launched right into a revolution, determined to regain power of Vietnam
The Viet Minh had seized power of Vietnam before the Allies got there
The August Revolution was successful
Communism wins over in China
Minh receives an ample amount of guns and amunition
After the French returned to Vietnam, they clashed with the Viet Minh which was the result of the First Indochina War.
New Ideas And Inventions in Vietnam
The Vietnamese Revolution was called the August Revolution because most of its major events were in August.
It was hard for the French to fight a war that it's own people were against
The Vietnamese Revolution was based on independence.
Hundred of thousands of North Vietnamese had to migrate to the South as the Communists moved in.
A Journey to France
Ho Chi Minh went to France in 1919 under the name Nguyen Ai Quoc
Gathered revolutionaries
Petitioned for civil rights of Vietnamese
purnell presentations r soo annoying
A Return that brings Protests...
Protests about the French were formed after some members of the Indochinese Communist Party came back to Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh was one of the most influential figures in Vietnamese History
Before the Revolution:
Vietnamese had little technology
Chinese Communist Party gave the Viet Minh guns and vehicles which was either looted from the Korean War, bought or looted from their own fights.
NEW Inventions
Weapons changed
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
Formed a DEMOCRACY!(for the first time)
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