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No description

Marina Tronsgard

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Hurt

Personal Opinion
Literary Techniques
Literary techniques are used by Author's to help the readers relate more to the events that are happening. They add more meaning to the text. Alden Nowlan uses an advanced level of descriptive diction in the short story "Hurt" creating imagery.
The overall attitude that reflected upon the story is a
sad/neglected feeling towards Stevie's character in the story.
Stevie's physical traits include his Whiskey-colored mop hair. Stevie lives in a small, cramped trailer with his alcoholic father. He doesn't like to see death. He wears grubby clothes and doesn't attend school do to lack of discipline by his father. Stevie is very intelligent. We believe that Stevie is a round character because he is portrayed as a conflicted and contradictory person.
Time And Place
Point of View
The short story "Hurt" is written in First person narrator. The narrator (Skip) is a participant in the story; "Sometimes I met him on my way to Sunday school." (P.195)
The story takes place in an agricultural city or town consisting of a variety of rich and poor people. Stevie, the poorer one out of the two boys lives in a trailer, while Skip lives in a house on his family farm. A bridge separates the two. The time is never stated in the story but we believe it is set in the 1970's because certain events wouldn't happen in our time.

Skip comes from a high class family. He attends Sunday school and dresses sophisticated daily. He admirers his friend Stevie even though he has a higher ranked lifestyle. Skip is a static character because his personality doesn't change during the story. He is also kind of a symbolic character because he is what represents the relationship between two extremely different lifestyles.
In the short story "Hurt" by Alden Nowlan a boy named Skip states all his adventures with one of his best friends (Stevie) , and how they grew up together. Stevie lives in a small trailer and is responsible for going to school, making his own meals, and taking care of his drunk dad. He doesn't cry for the same reasons other kids do. Stevie can't bear to see real things die. Stevie is adamant about the fact that nothing will ever hurt him "nothin' ever gonna hurt me. He said. But he didn't stop crying."
Stevie's Dad
Stevie's Father is an irresponsible drunk, that doesn't know how to look after his own son. He is a stock character because he is a stereo typical irresponsible drunk.
The End
By Alex W, Marina T,
Yama G, Haylee H.
Our overall opinion on the story "hurt" is that it's emotional and it teaches us that people nor rich or poor can mean a lot to each other. Its not about money or skin color, its about your personality and how you treat each other. After reading the story we grew to appreciate and respect Stevie because he's a strong character and he took on the responsibility of his life and his fathers at a younger age then anyone should.

Sandwich- Represents how
Stevie is poor.
Gun- Represents his fear of
death and killing things.
Cigarette- Represents bad parenting
By Alex, Marina, Yama, Haylee
The short story "Hurt" by Alden Nowlan shows us that two people from different life styles can still associate with a friendship. The act of accepting others for who they are and not where they live. The story gives an example of someone who has everything and manages to admire and look up to someone who has absolutely nothing.
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