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Cristian Rios

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Oceanus

References Cristian Rios Oceanus The Greek god of the World Ocean Cristian Rios Basic Information Wikipedia: Oceanus, Odysseus, Nestor, Titanomachy and Hekatonkheires Oceanus was the godly form of the "World Ocean", called the River Okeanos when translated directly from Greek. The World Ocean The River Okeanos Oceanus was the World Ocean. He was sometimes depicted as a god, or sometimes as the sea itself. The River Okeanos was the source of all the world's fresh water. Clouds were believed to dip into its waters to collect moisture. The sun and moon were also believed to set into its waters. The Daughters and Sons of Oceanus and Tethys The daughters of Oceanus and Tethys were called Oceanids. They were the guardians of their own spring, river, sea, lake, pond, pasture, flower, or cloud. Tethys had three thousand Oceanids. They also had three thousand sons, called Potamoi. They were river-gods that were depicted in various forms, such as a bull with a man's head, and a man with a bull's head and the body of a serpent. He is the son of Uranus, the god of the sky, and Gaia, the goddess of the Earth. Gaia was the mother of all heavenly gods, Titans, and Giants. Oceanus was often depicted, in art, as having the upper body of a muscular man, and the lower body of a serpent. Sometimes, he had a serpent, an oar, or a school of fish with him. His wife would be pictured behind him. The Evolution of Oceanus's Role Originally, Oceanus was the god of all bodies of water. As geography advanced, Poseidon came to be god of the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, Oceanus was redefined as the god of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Also, the older idea of a great river that encircled the entire world at its halving point was forgotten. Oceanus's role has changed over time. The River Okeanos encircled the entire world at the equator. His consort, or wife, was his sister Tethys. She was a nurse. The gods of day and night lived in palaces on islands in the river. Oceanus chose not to participate in the neutering of Uranus and the War of the Titans. Uranus's Fall Uranus fell when his Titan sons, poised at the ends of the world and in the center, castrated (neutered) him. As he was dying, Uranus warned that the Titans would fall from power and would be punished for killing him. Zeus later fulfilled the prophecy by overthrowing the Titans and throwing them into the Tartarean pit. Metrum.org: Ancient Cosmology Extra Information on Oceanus \\Title\\ Oceanus Strengths and Weaknesses Gods do not have strengths or weaknesses. Any Greek god can do anything he or she wants, and even more. Anyway, a god with control of all of the world's fresh water always has a lot of power at his fingertips. Oceanus is the oldest Titan. and the River Okeanos Three rivers got their water directly from the River Okeanos: the Styx, the Eridanous of Hyperborea, and the Nile of Arithopia. Conclusion Tethys Parents and Children She claimed to have distributed water to the Earth. Tethys is the godmother of Rhea, and raised her during the War of the Titans. Oceanus was identical to Ophion, the first Titan to rule the heavens before being overthrown by Cronus and Rhea. Theoi: Oceanus, Potamoi, Uranus, Ophion, Cronus, the river Okeanos, and the Naiades. Greekmythology.com: Tethys Pantheon.org: Oceanus and Tethys From Tethys came 3000 rivers. Ancientgreece.com The Oceanids got their rivers from Tethys. The Potamoi had children known as Naiads. They inhabited rivers, streams, lakes, marshes, fountains and springs. The Naiads were also the protectors of girls and maidens, and they oversaw their passage into adulthood. Gaia gave birth to Uranus, and therefore became mother of all heavenly beings. Uranus was the god of the ocean. Over time he came to personify the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. His wife was his sister Tethys. She was a nurse and claimed to have distributed water to the Earth. Oceanus's parents were Uranus and Gaia. When his fellow Titans went to dislodge Uranus from the throne, he didn't participate. He also didn't participate in the War of the Titans. Oceanus was the oldest Titan, but he wasn't the leader of the Titans. That job fell to Cronus. Oceanus had three thousand sons and three thousand daughters. They were called Oceanids and Potamoi. The Potamoi, river-gods, had children known as . They were the protectors of girls and maidens and oversaw their growth into adulthood. Oceanus was a very hard Titan to do research on, but it only took me days and days and days to do the research.
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