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DTI Cauayan City


Roel Jr. Dolaypan

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of DTI Cauayan City

Consumer Welfare Services
Diskwento Caravan
a. Balik Eskwela Edition
b. Consumer Month Celabration
c. Noche Buena Edition
d. Emergency (after typhoon or prize freeze)
“Life is like riding a bicycle.

Stage 1 Social Preparation
a. Seminar on Gender and Development
b. Entrepreneurship Advocacy
c. Workshop on Action Planning (Focused Group Discussion)
d. Workshop on Business Plan Writing
to keep your balance, you must keep moving”
Albert Enstein
Industry Development Services
(MSME Development Plan)
1. Progressive Operation of Women in Entrepreneurship
Revolution (POWER)
2. Shared Service Facility (SSF)
3. Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB)
Stage 2 Skills Training
a. Basic Skills Training
b. Upgrading of Skills Training
Negosyo Center (Business Resource Center)
Get to know the DTI team!!!
1% Inspiration + 99% Perspiration = 100% Success
Atty. Ma. Esperanza C. Bañares (Regional Director)
Mr. Randolph B. Cacacho (Officer-in-Charge)
Mr. Roel P. Dolaypan Jr. (MTIO)
Mr. Rodrigo A. Puyat Jr. (Technical Staff)
"Running away from problems is a race nobody wins"
"Don't look back. Keep Moving Forward and Do New Things"
Start 2015 right with a goal in mind!
"Sustainable Projects for Isabela II"
"Suntok sa Buwan Projects"
"Ningas Kugon na Proyekto"
Industry Cluster
1. Processed Food
a. Fish Processing (Propose SSF)
b. Veggie Noodles Making (Upgrading)
c. Fruit-based Ice Cream Making (Propose SSF)
d. Bamboo Based Pastries & Chips (BUB)
e. Pangasius Food Processing
f. Seegrass Processing

2. Wearable & Homestyle/Furniture & Furnishing
a. Corn Husk Weaving
b. Bags Making (Link to Isabela Bags)
c. Pottery Making (with SSF & BUB)
d. Bamboo Processing & Bamboo Craft (with BUB)
e. Tiger Grass Production (with BUB)
f. Stuffed Toys and Cushion Making (Propose SSF)
g. Paper Mache Making
h. Handmade Paper (Propose SSF)
i. Fashion Dress Making
j. Rags (Propose SSF)

Stage 3 Product Development
a. Product Design
b. Package Design
c. Design and Technical Information
Stage 4 SME Roving Academy
a. Level 1 (Start Up Topics)
b. Level 2 (Market Awareness Topics)
c. Level 3 (Market Readiness Topics)
Stage 5 Financial Linkaging (Initial Capital Build-Up)
a. LGU to offer 0% Interest Loans for Start Up Operations
b. Link to Financial Agencies with low Interest Rates
Stage 6 Market Matching
a. Pasalubong Stores b. Robinsons Mall
c. SM Mall d. Major Groceries
e. Export f. Trade Fairs
g. Trade Missions

I-MOVERS Project
Filipino Consumer on Patrol (FILCOP)
ACTION Consumer Welfare Advocacy
Isabela II Pasalubong Center
Industry-Tourism Projects
ISO Certified Industry Processing Center
Isabela 2015-2016
Increase MSMEs
Increase Employment
Increase Investment
More Industry-Based Products
Empowered Consumers
Public Market aligned to I-MOVERS
Improved Business Environment
Isabela II in partnership with
The Department of Trade and Industry Region 2
Department of Trade & Industry
Regional Office No. 2

Conceptual Framework for Isabela II
(a Developmental Plan)

Programs & Services
MFO 1 : Trade & Industry Policy Services
MFO 2 : Technical Advisory Services
MFO 3 : Trade and Investment Promotion
MFO 4 : Consumer Protection Services
MFO 5 : Business and Trade Regulations
MFO-Major Final Output
Progressive Operation of Women in Entrepreneurship Revolution (POWER) Pilot in Santiago City
(MOST VISIBLE Re-Entry Plan by the Development Academy of the Philippines 2014)
1. Barangay Rizal - Leather Craft Making (Santiago City)
2. Barangay Centro East - Stuffed Toys and Cushion Making (Santiago City)
3. Barangay Calaocan - Beaded Fashion Accessories (Santiago City)
4. Barangay Luna & Sta. Rosa - Corn Husk Weaving (Santiago City)
5. Federation of IPs - Loom Weaving (Santiago City)
6. Out of School Youth and ALS - Metal Arts-Crafts (Cauayan City)
7. Senior Citizens - Bamboo Furniture & Novelty Items Making (Santiago City)
8. Women Group - Papier Mache Making (Santiago City)
Leathercraft Industry
Corn Husk Weaving Industry
Beaded Fashion Accessories
Stuffed Toys and Cushion Industry
Developmental Stages for the Potential MSMEs
(Steps in becoming a successful Entrepreneur)
Level 1 Start Up Topics
1. Financial Management
2. Costing and Pricing
3. Personality Development
Level 2 Market Awareness Topics
1. Managing your Busines
2. Bookkeeping
3. Basics of Marketing
4. Customer Relations
5. GMP, 5s & HACCP
6. Green Productivity
7. Business Ethics
Level 3 Market Readiness Topics
1. Trademarks & Brand Management
2. Product Certification
3. Process & Product Certification
4. Effective Trade Fair Participation
5. Visual Merchandising
6. Effective Communication Skills
7. Business Negotiation Skills
8. Effective Networking Strategies
Diskwento Caravan "Noche Buena Edition"
Bagwis Awards
Thank You for Listening
Prepared by:

Roel P. Dolaypan Jr., CPA
Trade and Industry Development Specialist
DTI Regional Office No. 02

Reviewed by:

Randolph B. Cacacho
Senior Trade & Industry Development Specialist
DTI Regional Office No. 02

Metal Arts-Crafts Skills Training
Hand Woven Products
Bamboo Furniture and Novelty Items Making
Papier Mache
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