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How is art Transformative?

No description

Chelsea T

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of How is art Transformative?

Born in Freeport, Bahamas 1994. Janine Antoni Her artwork Lather and Lick Loving Care A contempoary Artist Saddle If i die before i wake Moor Mom and Dad Uses her body as a tool to shape and create her artworks. SO IS ART TRANSFORMATIVE? Yes. Because, when people create artworks,
they use their emotions or their past experiences
to create them. As you can see, almost all of Janine Antonis
works represent her in some way or another. All artists have experienced
happiness, sadness ect at least once. Art is just a way of them expressing
them for them.When I see Janines artworks, I am able to feel the emotions
that she is trying to express in them. When I 'look' at artworks by her
or by other artists, it allows me to think in a different way than I
would normally think, in order to understand the meaning of the piece of
art. As Janine Antoni wisely quoted, "And i think whats important about that
is that we were very intimate with each other. And my hope is that you as a veiwer
can feel that intimacy" As a viewer, I am able to feel the intimacy that she wanted all her viewers to feel.That one artwork changed my thoughts and
allowed me to view the world from her perspective. I am able to experience thoughts and emotions that I have never experienced before and I am completely absorbed by her artwotks.
Sometimes, artworks are made in order to tell the audience something. In some cases, the artwork is made to change someones view of something, to make them think differently or to get something across to the audience. " That's what a potrait is, a way of getting close to the person that it is depicting." Nearly all of Antoni's artwork are made by transforming everyday activities such as eating bathing sleeping Slumber Interlace Janine Antoni created Moor by making a rope out of unusual,often personal materials donated by her friends and relatives.Her idea was to create a life line that united a group of individual people into a whole by intwining their items together. into ways of making art Antoni has had major exhibitions of her work at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, S.I.T.E. Santa Fe, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. She has also been the recipient of several awards including a John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Fellowship award in 1999. All of Antoni's artworks are unique in every aspect as each one is used to express either an emotion, idea or something that represents her.
e.g. Her artwork 'If i Die before i Wake' is used to represent the intimacy and love between Mother and daughter by using warm colours to express this emotion, the two hands are also placed against each other and in the middle a warm glow is enamating from.

She also uses contrast against the hands of the daughter and mother by making one of them smooth while the other is wrinkled and worn to show the physical difference between the two. There are many ways to express different emotions in art by using techniques such as the shape, colour and texture of the artwork. e.g. Can art be Transformative? Contrast of the hands Glow enamating from inside of the hands Yes Maybe No Like Janine Antoni says "there is an moment where i am making the object and then its like we've changed roles and the object starts to make me."

I beleive that what Janine Antoni was trying to say was that when she is making some art at the beginning it is she who controls the artwork , what it looks like, what it's suppose to say and how.But somewhere in the time she is making the artwork, something changes and it's suddenly the object changing her way of thinking, building her and influencing her and somehow looking at the artwork itself gives her the ideas so that it is almost like she and the artwork are working together even though it is really only her making the artwork. Inhabit "For me the transformation happens somehow when I am working with the process. The process is what transforms it." How does art benefit life There are art programs that help people with autism.
Theses programs are designed to teach autistic people to appreaciate art and it teaches them to express there emotions and feelings through art. It is proven that theses programs help to cure aurism and make the autistic child more sociable when they grow up and it also helps them grow confidence in themselves and learn to be confident when presenting there works and speeches about it. Theses programs really benefit the autistic child and it helps them to fit in with society like everyone else. It also helps to teach them to control there tempers and express them differently then they usually would. Art is also scientifically proven to boost the growing childs imagination and that improves them n subjects such as writing and english. It also improves concerntration and teaches children to tink outside the box. This is very beneficial in solving problems during maths or social life when they get a job. Another reason why art is transformative and how it benefits life is that, art is used to reflect history. From the begining of time, drawings were drawn on the wall of caves and on trees. From theses pictures we are able to piece together the wonderous history of mankind and how they developed to today. All of this would not have been possible without art. This is so because, An ancient cave drawing One of the things that I greatly admire about Janine Antonis artworks, is that at first glance, it seems unusual, even nonsical, but as we think deeper and deeper, we understand the true meaning of them. Her artworks encourage up to think deeper and to 'think outside the box'. In this way, I was invited to take a look into her world, how she viewed the world and to have a think about what it would be like to view the world from HER perspective. I find her a truly inspirational character and I find her works deeply touching and I joy in her challenges. The challenge for me to think a little differently than I normally would in order to unravel the mystery in her artworks. 'Looking' at her artworks has given me the ability to question and to think deeply. This why I find Janine Antonis artworks to be
transformative. This is one of her artworks in which I needed to puzzle over. Why Janine Antoni relates to the big question. Whenever you look at a piece of artwork you analyse it. At first you might not get what you are looking at but in the end you always have an answer. Every person will see art differently depending on what they themselves have experienced and know. Janine Antoni could have used paint and paintbrush for her artwork 'Loving Care' Instead She uses Hair and hairdye Not only is the appearance of the artwork important but the materials used. By Jimin Kim and Chelsea Tsang Child with autism doing art.
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