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Online Collaborative Tool Comparison

A look at three online collaborative tools: Google Drive, Basecamp and Skype

Jenni Shah

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Online Collaborative Tool Comparison

Collaborate The Challenge Skype - an internet telephony provider * simple video and audio calls
* to phones (land and mobile) as well as to PC/tablet, across all platforms
* free for Skype to Skype calls
* calls can be recorded
* live chat feature that can send attachments
* conference calls * connectivity issues - requires a solid Internet connection
* cost (low) for calls to land and mobile phones
* cost for video conferences
* iPad restrictions - cannot initiate conference calls Verb: To work jointly on an activity, esp. to produce or create something. 25 branches across Australia, from Woogatha to Wubbaning Australian
Service How can our staff work together
from their different locations? Works best for...

* conference calls from various locations
* up to 25 callers in an audio conference
* up to 10 callers in a video conference (subscription required)
* wired internet connection essential * document creation and storage

* presentations, word processing and spreadsheets

* any device with an internet connection can look at and modify docs online

* secure, controlled access to invited participants

* live editing of documents by multiple users

* free for 5GB of data - license fees are avoided for software installations

* search tool uses OCR to search inside documents and files * relies on internet access

* file format locked into Google Drive - not editable offline or on desktop

* some inconsistencies during testing - parts of documents missing

* security risks - real and perceived

* legal issues Re: storing documents out of the state/country

* reliance on providers to act in a technically and morally responsible manner

* Google T&C give Google a worldwide license with the right to reuse, communicate and share files in Google Drive Disadvantages...
* Ongoing costs for subscription
* No live editing of uploaded documents
* security - only more expensive account include SSL
* limited feature set Web based project management tool * designed for project management
* multiple projects with different permissions
* dashboard view provides good overview of the project
* email updates of action on the project
* simple to use, limited feature set
* huge suite of add-ons for additional features
* across all popular mobile platforms Collaborative Tools Web based document creation
and storage service Google Drive Advantages Google Drive Disadvantages * simple project management
* 3rd party add-ons required for advanced features, eg: file synching, charting & time tracking
* after a 60 day free trial, paid subscriptions for 10, 40, 100 or unlimited projects
* lack of tagging and poor search functionality Basecamp Advantages Basecamp Disadvantages Skype Advantages Skype Disadvantages Works best for...

* managing multiple projects with collaborators from any location
* keeping all project specific communication in one place
* project files in central repository Working with 25 branches across Australia Online collaborative tools The Challenge The Solution Works best for...

* online document storage of non-sensitive material
* creation and sharing of documents by groups of users
* avoiding license fees for desktop installations
* available on any device with a web browser This Prezi was created by Jennifer Shah Basecamp References Basecamp vs Basecamp Classic. (2012, November 3). Designzillas. Web log post. Retrieved from http://www.designzillas.com/blog/basecamp-vs-basecamp-classic

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