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Bringing Events and Programming to life!

ALADN 2014 Pre-Conference. Kansas City, Missouri

Essraa Nawar

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Bringing Events and Programming to life!

Bringing Events and Programming to Life!
Essraa Nawar and Charlene Baldwin

ALADN 2014 Pre-conference
Kansas City, Missouri
May 18, 2014

What is AEEC
Drawbacks of library events
Time consuming


Take up library space


Identifying new donors and friends
Sikhs in the Great War
Please sit back and relax!!
Enjoy the movie!!
• Assures year-round offering of programming,
displays and exhibit

• Assures that there are no conflicts or redundancy
with events and programming

• Communicates library events and programs on a regular basis to library staff members and other constituents

• Ensures appropriate staffing for these events

• Complements and enhances the curriculum, study, and research interests at the University

• Tracking throughout the year = Easy Annual reporting

Performance evaluation !!!

They are artistic and want to use their
talents and skills

An opportunity to stay involved and


Why Do People Volunteer in AEEC?
The Art, Exhibits and Events Committee

10-12 members (Must have a liaison from
circulation department)

Term: 2 years, committee letters

2 co-chairs

Meeting twice a month

Regular communication by email

Committee business is available in library shared folder

Expenses = part of the library's operating budget

Gallery Walls
Reading Room
Permanent Cases
Roving Cases
Collaborative events
Responding to campus VIP Visits
Collaboration with other universities/local organizations
Traveling exhibitions
Responding to local/national/international events
Library-ONLY sponsored events
Donor related Events
Dedication ceremonies
New Partnerships
Identifying new prospects
Inspiring existing prospects
Donation expected
Jack and Belle Lindquist Disney Collection
New community to campus
Identifying of brand new prospects
Valuable donated gifts in kind
Creation of a traveling exhibition
Yearly support/partnership
Proposal under review
Stewarding existing donors and friends
From Moscow to Beirut
Book Signing
Full Sponsorship
Rare books and maps
Another sponsorship opportunity next year
Advocate for the library
Stewarded a donor for a rare/valuable specimen cabinet
Specimen cabinet from the British Museum, (1890-1910)
Margaret Class and the
Book Collection Lectures
Named annuity
Yearly sponsorship of student book collection contest
Rare book collection to the library
Introduces new people to the library
Showcasing the Library Collections and Services
Book sale
Alumni Engagement
Exhibit cases
Building partnerships across campus
ALL campus units
University Advancement Office
Capitalizing on new campus initiatives
The Center for
American War Letters
That's Amazing!
Thirty Years of Huell Howser and California's Gold

New full-time archivist
Between 50-150 visitors per week
More than 4000 visitors attended open house
Story room
New prospects identified
And Finally...................
Leatherby Libraries Development Coordinator
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