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Cellphone packaging

By: Chelsea Malone & Victoria Simmons Period: 5 4/21/10

Chelsea Malone

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Cellphone packaging

Cellphone Packages
By: Chelsea Malone
and Victoria Simmons Cell phone pre-paid, and regular, packages use multipul layers of plastic, paper, and plastic bi-products. These packages take up to 150 years, in the landfills. Image of Current packaging:
New idea for packaging: This change is important
because these plastic packagings
are building up in landfills, and not decomposing.
We need to clear landfills, from these plastics
that are pilling up, and crowding our already crowded
Earth. The original version of these plastic cellphone packages are not exceptable
because they are killing our Earth. Millions of plastic objects are pilling up in
our landfills, taking bundreds of thousands of more years to decompose. These plastic
cellphone packages are contributing greatly to one of the leading causes of our landfills
pilling up, plastic.

THE END!!! Make new cell phone packages!!!! HE HE HE CHELSEA AND
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