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Christina Pham

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Sexism

Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
History of Sexism
Define Sexism?
Sexism can be defined as discrimination or prejudice based on ones gender also the belief that one gender is superior to the other. Sexism affects both males and females but predominantly affects women

Types of Sexism
Old Fashioned Sexism
Modern Sexism
Hostile Sexism
Benevolent Sexism
Ambivalent Sexism
All the time
Sexism happens when people broadcast their beliefs of sexism onto others
happens when we communicate with one another
happens when others try to appeal things, but end up being sexist
Sexism can happen
Examples of Sexist Stereotypes
Women are not as strong as men
Women belong in the kitchen
Women should do "clean" jobs such as a teacher, hairstylist, or nurse
Women are responsible for raising a family
Women are meant to be the damsel in distress - never the hero
Men are strong and should always be in charge
Men don't do housework and aren't responsible in raising a family
Men should work in "dirtier" like construction or engineering
Men are lazy
Why are people sexist?

People are brought up learning gender stereotypes
Gender Roles

Why is sexism bad?

Gender Inequality
Affect the way people look at themselves and others
Affect career choices and goals
Klaudia Pechera, Chelsea Amos, Earl Villanueva, Dianne Sagario, Christina Pham
What can we do as individuals to avoid sexism and strive for a more equal and just society?
Parents beliefs on how a gender is supposed to act shapes their likes, dislikes, behavior, and activities
Sexism is based on family tradition
Usually these beliefs are brought down from generation to generation
What are the repercussions of our actions? Are the negative or positive? How will this provide further betterment in a sexist society?
Sexism has been evident in our society for generations and has been embedded in many traditions and lifestyles. Though it is an immoral concept it is very difficult for some to grasp the thought of equality within all aspects of life. After being taught for many years that men and women are to act differently and be treated differently sexism has become a bad habit that may be hard to break. We pray that people will open their minds and hearts and realize that all beings, male or female, were brought into this world as your divine creations. When we leave this world our genders will no longer matter and all that matters is that we have lived a prosperous life as your children. Lord, we pray that sexism will be abolished in the future and that man and women can walk side by side and be seen as equals. We pray for others to respect the lives of other individuals whether they are male or female, we pray that they do not discriminate or show hostility or hatred towards any of your children. We pray for you to bless us all with kindness and humility in order to treat others with the equality they deserve.
Anyone can be sexist either consciously or unconsciously
It affects everyone in the world but primarily 3 parties. These include: Victims, Witnesses and the future generation
Sexism is mostly associated against women but men are equally prejudiced against
Social Media
Being Educated
Biased opinions on job positions based on gender
Discrimination of ones sex rather than capabilities
Jobs that require more strength usually hire more men than woman
Jobs that require more meticulous intellect usually hire more women than men
Some jobs neglect a persons qualifications and choose to look at the fact whether someone is a male or a female
Social Media Apps
Bias in sports such as school teams and funding
Derogatory names used against each other
Physical and sexual harassment based of gender stereotypes
Dress code
Social Media
People will no longer strive to become better
Pros and Cons
Feminism act
Women's right to vote
Women get custody over men
Women get a more lenient sentencing
Creates a divide between males and females - mutual respect is gone
Discrimination ensues
constant let down of a gender
Disruption instead of peace
failure to co - operate or see eye to eye
Superiority beliefs and unequal treatment
May affect social status, and discriminate based on gender rather than capability
Violates peoples rights to equality
Biased opinions

Canadian society
Learn to treat others the same, regardless of gender
Do not base decision making on whether a person is male or female
Think of humanity as one gender, in which no one should have to face discrimination based on their gender
Teach people the negative aspects of sexism and how to avoid it
Educate them in what actions are sexist and how to recognize when someone is being discriminated based on their gender
Influence other generations to be aware that sexism is a topic that is just as important to any other social discriminations made on others
No point for potential betterment within society
Lack of motivation
History of Sexism
History of Sexism


Case Scenario: Identify Sexism
Catholic views on Sexism
After a very big party last night, you find yourself rushing in the morning to get to work on time. You run out the door making your way to your office. You get to an intersection where you see an old lady and an old man trying to cross the road. They are going in separate directions so you can only help one. Who do you help?
Case #2
It's that time of the year when the seniors ask each other the biggest event of high school, prom. You're in the mood to play some cupid and find out that 2 of your friends like each other. They both want to go to prom together but neither has asked the other out. Who do you direct to pop the question?
Sexism can be traced as early as 1760 BCE in China
Males were seen as dominant while females were seen as trouble makers
Figures such as Confucius and Mencius had a strong impact on sexism in the East
Gender equality fluctuated between different eras and periods
Early sexism in western countries can be dated back to the 15th and 16th centuries
European settlers with sexist ideals came to start the fur trade
Europeans influenced the way the Natives treated each sex
By the 19th century, gender roles were established

52% of victims in criminal related acts are female
Table 1: Rate of Police Reported Victimization against males and females
People Will Become Discriminatory Toward other Physical Traits
If people become less sexist then they may gravitate towards discriminating other aspects of a person
Being prejudice or discriminate to a person due to their gender
Belief that a gender is more superior to the other
Targeted more towards females than males
Lack of education makes a person sexist
Lack of knowledge make a person sexist
Peer pressure of society
How to determine if one is sexist
1) Personality traits- woman are suppose to be submissive while men are suppose to be dominant
2)Domestic- woman are suppose to clean, men do house repairs
3) Occupations- Woman are secretaries and men are doctors
4) Physical Appearance- Woman are small and short while men are suppose to be tall
Canada is known for its diversity and gender equality
A survey done by
Plan Canada
showed that 96% of youth believed that girls should have the same opportunities and rights as boys
However, influences from school, media, and family have negatively affected the minds of Canadians advocating gender stereotypes
the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group
Different cultures share different beliefs about gender
View men as dominate and women as submissive
Specific views on the role of women and men
Women are often blamed for rape. Ex. "India's Daughter"
Men are viewed as the more desirable gender
Women are discriminated against in school
-> one of the last matriarchies.
->Women are in charge in this culture

God teaches us to treat each other equally
Men and women are equals, neither is superior to the other
The Golden Rule must be applied in our decisions
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