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nur amalina

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Qazaf

Authority Regarding Qazaf in the Quran (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr History of Qazaf During Prophet hood Definition Wrongfully accuse a chaste Muslim man or woman of adultery or homosexuality From Surah an-Nisa' 1 2 3 Once, a woman presented herself before the Prophet Muhammad and said “O Msessenger of ALLAH, I called my maid adulteress.” Prophet replied, “ Have you ever seen her commit the adultery?” The woman replied, “No.” The prophet then told her, “Know that, on the Day of Qiyamah some of your good deeds will be transferred to this maid and there will be the expiation.” The woman returned and hand a whip to her maid and said, “Lash me.” But the maid didn't. Thus, the woman freed her maid. Then, she came backed to prophet. Then, the prophet said that, “ May this action of yours will act as expiation and you may not suffer its consequences in the Hereafter." Penalty for Qazaf Surah an-Nur: 4 Three commands are issued regarding one who commits Qazaf. 1. It has to be punished according to Islamic Law – The false accuser must be lashed 80 times, including: a) The slander who cannot bring 4 witnesses. b) The three witnesses who do false accusation. 2. In future, testimony and evidence from the false accuser will never ever to be accepted. 3. The false accuser are considered as transgressor. Conditions to impose Qazaf Penalty 1. The false accuser must be: Sane
free will
Know that Qazaf is unlawful
after careful consideration 2. The accused must be: Muslim
Free (not a slave)
Must apparently be chaste
Identified/ specific person 3. The accusation must be: clearly mentioned; adultery or sodomy. (sorih) Characteristic of witnesses The four witnesses must be: Muslim man
Fair The four witnesses must actually see with their own eyes

The four witnesses must see the incident at the same place and time Repent from Qazaf One who falsely accused can take the accuser to the Qadhi. If Qazaf is proved by the confession of the accuser or by testimony of the two just witnesses who testify having heard the accuser making the false allegation, the legal sentenced is executed. It is an obligation for the person who submit himself to the accused, for trial The other way is, the accuser could request forgiveness. If he had been forgiven by the accused, he freed from the punishment He should repent as Allah said in: Surah an-Nur:5 Qazaf and The Responsibility to Other Muslims According to Islam, if a Muslim hears of another Muslim being accused of adultery or sodomy he should not pay heed to it.

It is HARAM for him to believe it.

~Even if one has witnessed the crime with his own eyes or believes the accuser, one should not spread the slander. Such an action would cause the accused person to lose his honour and dignity in people’s estimation. Till four just witnesses have not testified, the accuser should be regarded as a liar and a transgressor Surah an-Nur 11 - 19 So, can someone accuses anyone of fornication and sodomy without having seen the act with one’s own eyes​​​??? NO..Its totally HARAM! Association of The Kuffar with Adultery Abul Hasan al Hazzae says that he was in the company of Imam Ja'far (a.s.) when a person came and asked him, "What did your debtors do?" I responded, "Are you asking about the son of that adulteress woman?" Upon hearing this Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (a.s.) glared at me in anger. I said, "May I be sacrificed upon you. He is a Majoos (fire worshipper) and his mother is also his sister (means that his father had married his daughter). Imam (a.s.) asked,"Is not this type of marriage permitted in their religion?" All the people have their kind of marriage due to which they protect themselves from adultery.” References Laidin, M.A. "Introduction to Shari'ah & Islamic Jurisprudence." CERT Publication Sdn. Bhd. (2011): 23 80X GROUP MEMBERS:




NUR FARAHDIYANA BINTI ABDUL HAMID (113462) Thank You~ 4 The testimony must be clear.

Declaration and oaths by the 4 witnesses. Just Married... That is all :) http://www.jais.gov.my/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1059&Itemid=1




http://www.google.com.my/ created by nur_amal Sorry..
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