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Renaissance Idol: Baldassare Castiglione

No description

Sam Jones

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance Idol: Baldassare Castiglione

Baldassare Castiglione By: Sam Jones Baldassare Castiglione was born in December of 1478 in Casatico, Italy, near Mantua. He recieved a formal education and around age 16 he became interested and started to explore and study the ideas of humanism. Castiglione was a soldier, a writer (including poetry), an Italian courtier: one who is attendance of a royal court, and a diplomat. Castiglione was recognized for many things but by far, his most famous work was the "Book of the Courtier", which was written all in dialogue. He started writing this
book in 1507 but mostly worked on it between 1513 and 1516. His work was published in Venice in 1528, one year before his death. The book also discusses the characteristics that a perfect courtier should exhibit, a huge theme in his writing is that they should be multi-talented.
wanted to set
new standards in
the court room, based off his experience at Urbino. When Castiglione was sent as an ambassador to meet with the Pope, Leo X, he also met many artists and writers including Raphael, who he already knew. Baldassare was the son of a noble family and after his father died, he had to abandon his research to become the head of the family and was given the responsibilities of a diplomat, where he officially represented the Gonzaga court, which his family owned. While traveling for
one of his missions
he met the Duke of
Urbino, one of the most
prestigous Italian courts, and was able to leave Gonzaga to work at Urbino. Raphael painted a famous portrait of Castiglione in 1514-1515. His whole book was a conversation between people discussing the perfect Renaissance gentleman. He wrote this book as a reflection on his younger days at the Urbino court. The idea of a perfect gentleman used to be a chivalrous knight with bravery, but he changed this image to a man who has recieved a classical education in Greek as well as Latin. Baldassare Castiglione's writing was a huge influence during the Renaissance because he disccussed so many topics that got people thinking, like how woman should be viewed just as highly as men. He brought up the point that there have been some very successful woman in history, like in philosophy but have been overlooked. He was also a huge contributor to the Renaissance because his book helped to spread the ideas of humanism and other cultural topics throughout Europe. Besides discussing equality between men and woman, he mentions the power of music, the importance of art and the best forms of government. His book was very successful and was translatted into several languages later including Spanish, French, English, and German. Castiglione died in February of 1529 in Toledo, Spain. He is remembered for his book and successful influence.
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