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Bright Wayz

No description

Nilesh Sahane

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Bright Wayz

Results Our Services for students Student Alumni overview of 12 industries Enhanced Corporate Knowledge Specialisation Our Segment BRIGHT WAY Z Enlighten YOUR Career Path Top B-Schools Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Indian Institute of Management
SP Jain Institute of Management & Research

Welingkar Institute of Management Other B-Schools Bright bridge this gap Vision Empower all the Management Students, irrespective of their B-School, to make it big in the Corporate World. Mission To improve the number of skilled labors in the country thus helping bridge the demand of the skilled labors in the country MBA/MMS Engineering Graduation Competitive Exams Winter Project Service Summer Project Service Conversational English Placement Guidance MBA curriculum Notes Special Guidance for Finance Exams
7. IT

8. Education

9. Service

10. Engineering

11. Export & import

12. Tourism 1. Retail

2. Real estate

3. Mechanical

4. Aviation

5. Fmcg

6. Media Some professional Tools Effective Content Management Right Approach Towards Goals Increased Confidence Levels in Interviews Enhanced Networking Skills "The best way to predict your future is to create it." Bright Wayz Enhanced Chances of Desired Placements Bright Wayz module’s BCC Bright Wayz Capital course BSM Bright Wayz Shoppers market IBPS BCS Personality Testing Resume Interview Training Session - ESPL - SSPL and Segment Eye Opener Seminar Series How to write paper 400 Management Jargons Presentation Demos Daily Articles 1800 per year 100 % Summer placement - KRB
- phoenix
- 3 A India
- Edelweiss financial services
- Oyster real estate Winter project assistance

Final placement assistance Rajiv ghandhi



Sterling O.I.M



Saket Email Etiquettes Career guidance How can I compete in corporate World Wayz Bright Ways corporate sale Ability All banking Exams Join us for Bright Future !!! Thank You Bright Wayz Be confident YOU CAN !!!
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