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USI.6a Causes of the American Revolution

No description

Michael Hobbs

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of USI.6a Causes of the American Revolution

Why did Great Britain (England) want to control the colonies?

What were the Causes of the American Revolution?

Great Britain wanted
to remain a World
Great Britains desire to be a world power
led to conflict with the French, known as
The French and Indian War!
To pay for the cost of the French and
Indian War, Great Britain imposed taxes, such as the Stamp Act
Great Britain's Reasons for Taxation
To Pay for the
French and Indian
To Finance and maintain British Troops in the colonies.
Why were the colonists dissatisfied(Unhappy)?
No Voice in Parliament!
Some colonists resented the power of
the Colonial Governors
The colonies opposed the British taxes
• Great Britain wanted strict control over colonial legislatures.
The Proclamation of l763, which followed the French and Indian War, restricted the western movement of settlers.
How Could all of
this possibly lead
to any problems?
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