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Critical and Crazy Thinking

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Nadzi Yu Are

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of Critical and Crazy Thinking

SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis for Versatile e' Moderno Restaurant [Product & Service]
Ver Mo Main Staff
[Financial Managers]
Abdullah @ Laq
[Sales Manager]
Ver Mo Threats - Competitor
Ver Mo Opportunities - Innovation and New Technology
Ver Mo Weaknesses - High Staff turn-over and Employee
Ver Mo Strength - Product and Brand
15 April 2010
Ms. Azirah Bt. Achi
Main Branch:
41 Jalan SS 21/1a,
Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Other Outlet:
No. 16, Ground Floor, Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Nor Safina
[Assistant Manager]
Ariel [Chef de’ Cuisine]
Mr. Jo [Service Manager]
Versatile e' Moderno Restaurant
High quality product
Local fruit as ingredient
Quality of Service
Make customer feel welcome
Give personal service
Home delivery service orders
Pricing Power
Strong Management
Strong price to competitive with competitors
Brand Name
A strong brand
Have significant impact in market
A good leadership
Proper management
Proper Planning for marketing plan
Supply Chain
Manageable supply
Experienced suppliers
Take time to be accepted by public
Have a long-term negative impact
Weak Brands
Often make mistakes in ordering food
Take time to produce new products
Lack of acceptance by the customer
long-term negative impact, lead to an increase in costs
Weak R & D
High Staff Turn-over
Could affects business operation
Experienced staff hard to be replaced
Bad Acquisition
Increasing their costs and reducing the value of their combined businesses.
Mistake in delivering goods
Mistake in receiving order
Has a significant impact
Have a short-term positive impact
Lead to an increase in profits
Have a long-term positive impact
Has a significant impact
An increase in profits
A decrease in costs
New Technology
Who is competing with us in the same business
Other food service industry
Hurts Food and Beverage’s ability to raise prices
Have a long-term negative impact
Lead to a decrease in profits
Substitute Product
Source of income
The end goal of businesses
Intro : Azirah

Ver Mo Strength : Nor Safina
Ver Mo Weaknesses : Ariel
Ver Mo Opportunities : Naz
Ver Mo Threats : Abdullah @ Laq

Summary & Other Information : Mr Jo
Business owners
Head of Management
Ver Mo started it's operation
New experience for customer
Need for a change in customer needed
Skilled and well-experienced chef, with special cooking technique
Financial funds from investors
Support from public
Why we choose Product & Service SWOT
Related to Hospitality and Tourism Industry
A Major Strength of Food and Beverage Industry
Using Local Fruit as Main Ingredient
An Excellent Restaurant With Excellent Service
Unique and Provide a Service No Other Company Has Thought
Our Group Specialization
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