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The history, the science, the sport

Milton Lim

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Unicycling

History & Origins
Anatomy of a Unicycle
1817 - Draisienne
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
1861 - Micheaux's velocipede
1869 - Penny-farthing
1887 - Dwarf safety bicycle
1890 - Safety bicycle
"Taking a header"
1877 - Gauthier's monocycle
The history, the science, the sport
Riding Styles
My Journey
Giraffe Unicycles
Sports played on unicycles
Sometimes, things go wrong...
Jamey Mossengren
Circular Quay - June 2010
How do bicycles / unicycles balance?
Is it because of gyroscopic forces?
Actually not!
Gyroscopic forces are not significant...
Dr. Hugh Hunt (Cambridge Uni)
adds a reverse-spinning wheel to cancel out gyroscopic forces
What is unicycling?

Places where you shouldn't really ride a unicycle...
The taller the unicycle, the easier to balance!
Ultimate Wheel
Impossible / BC Wheel
Chris Martin (Coldplay)
Who else rides unicycles?
ride backwards
idling with one foot
bunny hopping
rolling hop
free mount
seat out behind
seat in front
one-foot riding
wheel walking
crank idling
hopping on tire
stomach on seat
rolling mount
side mount
kickup mount
jump mount
suicide mount
Kaori Matsuzawa
Mountain Unicycling ("Muni")
Kris Holm
Claude Shannon
"Father of information theory"
Kangaroo unicycle = eccentric (off centre hub) with cranks in same direction
seat drag
There's only one wheel in contact with the ground!
Jack Halpern's 13-wheeler!
World's Tallest Unicycle
Sem Abrahams - 115ft (35m)
Trail - the important factor
How strong are the gyroscopic forces here?
"The stability of the bicycle" - David E.H. Jones, 1970
Tandem Unicycle
Zig-Zag Giraffe
George Peck - pioneer of "Rough Terrain Unicycling"
Unicycle Hockey
Unicycle Basketball
"Playing on the swings"
"Weird Chinese unicycle"
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