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Article Writing. Functional Skills

No description

Jackson Todd

on 11 December 2016

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Transcript of Article Writing. Functional Skills

Article Writing
Functional Skills English. Writing.
Today's Objectives
Be able to:
Identify the main features of a newspaper article.
Deploy the 5W&H technique to organise information.
Investigate and report on the international jewel thieves.
Proof read and edit your article
Catches the readers attention
Captures the whole article in one line
Provokes an interest in the article below.

Dubai Jewellery Heist.
CCTV. Wafi Mall. Dubai.
The Strap Line
It adds extra information to the headline.
It will be in
bold or underlined
and will entice the reader to continue with the article.
An extra heading or caption that sums up the article.

Who do you think this is?
What is he doing?
Where is he?
When do you think it was done?
Why is he doing this?
How is he doing it?

Think of an adjective to describe this image.
Woodward and Bernstein
Ida B. Wells
Ernie Pyle
When we write, we are painting a picture for the reader.
The picture we draw, with words, has to be clear, ordered and understandable.
Imagine trying to read a news article written by Jackson Pollock.

Who, What, Where, When and How.
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Jackson Todd
The Functional Skills Writer.
This is where we are going to place our
Here is our
strap line
, it will add extra information to the head line.
This is our
leading paragraph.
It will answer as many of the who-what-where-when-why-how questions as possible

This is the
of the article, here we fill in more necessary details and connect all the dots together. This fills out the article as a whole.

The least important facts go here as we bring the article to a close.
The Leading paragraph
This is the opening paragraph.
Contains the
most important facts
Answers as many of the
questions as possible.
We are going to write a newspaper article.
Remember the main features of and article, the way information should be ordered and the 5Ws and H.
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