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Fusion Buffet Restaurant

No description

Ariel Mayores

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Fusion Buffet Restaurant

Business Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11am-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 11am-1am
Sunday: 11am-7pm Pricing Adults (19+)..................................$20
Children, Youth, and Seniors......$15 A combination of different culinary traditions from around the world. Theme: Modern Tropical Target Market Families
Large Groups
Tourists All-you-can-eat buffet family casual dining. Advertisements and Promotions SWOT analysis Strengths:
People can eat as much as they want with a fixed and relatively cheap price
Wide variety of food choices compared to the competitors
The theme is appropriate for any type of people and age group
The personnel have excellent skills and training to exceed the patrons' expectations Weaknesses:
Quality of food may not be that high to compromise with the labour and food costs
The shipping for the sources of products may cost a fortune
As a starting business, we might have difficulties to make the restaurant become well known
High financial risk Opportunities:
Near the beach and tourist areas
Organized events in the neighbourhood meaning we can attract many people
Easy access to come to our restaurant (bus stops and parking are nearby)
Good weather (summer) = People tend to go and dine out Threats:
Our competitors are very well known and successful
Bad weather (winter) = Less people will be coming in
Prone to natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis)
Worsening economic conditions can hinder the growth of the restaurant Thank you! "To always remain at the peak in providing customer satisfaction and excellence at any cost, while establishing a strong character that will leave an indelible impression in the heart of our customers"
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