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mano mdni

on 3 May 2013

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oral pathology 2 White , red-blue
and pigmented lesions Follicular keratosis white lesions disease Keratotic popular lesions of skin and infrequently , mucosa , lesions are numerous and asymptomatic . Red-Blue lesions congenital hemangiomas and vascular malformations Diffrential diagnosis of oral and maxillofacial diseases pyogenic granuloma Pigmented lesions clinical feature cause significane Genetic , autosomal , dominant ,mutation in ATP2A2. Chronic course with occasional remissions . follicular keratosis Focal (frictional) hyperkeratosis Asymptomatic white patch , commonly on edentulous ridge , buccal mucosa and tongue , does not rub off , common . Chronic irritation , low-grade truma . May regress it cause eliminated . White lesions associated
with smokeless tobacco Asymptomatic white folds surrounding area wheretabacco is held , usually found in labial and buccal vestibules , common . Chronic irritation from snuff or chewing tobacco Possible increased risk for development of verrucous and squamous cell carcinoma after many years . White lesions associated
with smokeless tobacco we love oral pathology !! dont smoke !! Hairy leukoplakia still on the white lesion
near to be finished just be patient Idiopathic leakoplakia Asymptomatic white patch , cannot be wiped off , males affected more than females Un known , but may be related to tobacco and alcohol use May recur after excision , higher risk of carcinoma if dysplasia Filliform to flat patch on lateral tounge , often bilateral , occasionally on buccal mucosa , asymptomatic . Epstein-barr virus infection Usually in HIV , AIDS patients Hairy tongue Elongation of filliform papillae asymptomatic Unknown Benign process , may be cosmetically objectionable . hairy tongue !! Geographic tongue
(erythema migrans ) White annular lesions with atrophic red centerd pattern migrates over dorsum of tongue , varies in intensity and may spontaneously disapper , occasionally painful Unknown Completely benign , spontaneous regression after months to years Geographic tongue use it !! Lichen planus Bilateral white striae ( wickham’s ) asymptomatic except when erosions are present , middle age , buccal mucosa most commonly affected , white lesions occasionally on tongue . Unknown , precipitated by stress may be hyperimmune condition mediates by t cell . May regress after many years treatment may only control the diasease . rare malignant transformations . lichen planus Candidiasis Painful elevated plaques cannot be wiped off , leaving eroded , bleeding associated with poor hygiene ,( systemic ) Opportunistic fungus candida albicans and rarely other candida species . Usually disappears 1-2 weeks after treatment , some chronic cases require long term therapy . candidiasis Mucosal burns Painful white fibrin exudates covering superficial ulcer with erythematous ring. Chemicals . Heals in days to weeks . Lipoma Asymptomatic , slow growing , well circumscribed , yellow or yellow –white mass
Benign neoplasm , occurs in any area . Unknown Seems to have li,ited growth potential intaorally , not expected after removal . lipom done with
white lesions clinical feature cause significane extended of lesion usually difficult to determine , most common in skin ,lips , tongue, buccal mucosa , un common in mucous membrane ,rare in bone . benign congenital neoplasm , abnormal vessel morphogenesis . may remain quiescent or gradually enlarge vascular malformation asymptomatic , red mass , composed of fibroblasts , most common in gingiva . trauma or chronic iritation . remains indefinitely , reduction in size if cause removed or after pregnancy . pyogenic granuloma peripheral giant cell granuloma asymptomatic red mass of gingiva ,composed of fibroblast and multinucleated giant cells , mostly in adults . trauma or chronic iritation . remains indefinitely if untreated , a reactive lesion

note: clinical appearance similar to that of pyogenic granuloma Management of an unusual peripheral giant cell granuloma Erythematous candidiasis Discription: This disorder also know as thrush cuses white curd like patches in the mouth or throat Painful , hyperemic palate under denture angular cheillits red painful mucosa
Chronic albicans infection poor oral hygiene ill-fitting denutre are frequent predisposing factors . Discomfort may prevent wearing denture not allergic or premalignant Erythematous candidiasis Treatment:
Some of the most used prescriptions are nystain mouth washes Drug reaction and contact allergies Red vascular or ulcerative eruption . Hypersensitivity reaction to alergen .
Hypersensitivity reaction to drugs or HVS may produce erythemamultiforme pattern clinically . Drug reaction and contact allergies Trumatic leions Hemorrhagic spot (red blue purple black) composed of extravasated blood in soft tissue dose not blanch with cmpression may be seen anywherein skin or mucosa membranes after trauma changes color as blood is degraded and resorbed . Follows trauma such as that caused by tooth extraction tooth bite fellatio chronic cough vomting . Resolves in days to weeks no sequelae . more + clinical feature cause significane Physiologic pigmentaion Systemic distribution; does not change in intensity, does not alter surface morphology . Norma melanocyte activity . Physiologic pigmentaion Smoking-associated melanosis Gingival pigmentation; especially women taking birth control pills.
The intensity of the pigmentation is related to the duration and
amount of smoking. Component in smoke: stimulates melanocytes Cosmetic; may herald smoking-associated lesion elsewhere . Smoking-associated melanosis Oral melanotic macule Flat oral pigmentation less than 1 cm in diameter; lower lip, gingiva, buccal mucosa, palate usually affected; may represent oral ephelis, perioral lesions associated with peutz-jeghers syndrome (genetic disorder) , addison's disease, or postinflammatory pigmentation. Unknown ;Postinflammatory; trauma . Remians indefinitely; no malignant potential. Oral melanotic macule Neuroectodermal tumor of infancy and Pigmented, radiolucent, benign neoplasm in maxilla of newborns; pigment is melanin; rare Unknown; tumor cells of neural crest origin Recurrence unlikely Amalgam tattoo one of the most common causes of intraoral pigmentation.
Asymptomatic gray-pigmented macule found in gingiva, tongue, palate, or buccal mucosa adjacent to amalgam restoration; may be seen radiographically if particles are large no associated inflammation; common. Traumatic implantation of amalgam . Remains indefinitely and changes little; no ill effects abrar Heavy-metal pigmentation Dark line along marginal gingiva due to precipitation of metal; rare . Intoxication by metal vapors (lead, bismut, arsenic, mercury) from occupational exposure . Exposure may affect systemic health; gingiva pigmentation of cosmetic significance . Heavy-metal pigmentation Minocycline pigmentation Gray pigmentation of palate, skin, scars, bone, and rarely of formed teeth Ingestion of minocycline Must differentiate from melanoma; drug may cause intrinsic staining of teeth. Minocycline pigmentation last part White lesions cannot be scraped off White coated tongue The tongue appears white or pale yellow and coated when the surface is colonised by bacteria or fungi, and dead cells become trapped between the small nodules on the tongue.
A coated tongue is not a disease and is not usually a sign of anything serious. It's usually only temporary.
You can try gently brushing it with a tongue scraper and drinking plenty of water to help it improve.
However, sometimes a coated tongue can indicate an infection or more serious condition - diffuse involvement of dorsal tongue . White coated tongue Hairy leukoplakia usually lateral border of tongue : rough surface with vertical fissured usually associated with HIV infection , The lesion itself is benign and does not require any treatment although its appearance may have diagnostic and prognostic implications for the underlying condition . Hairy leukoplakia Hyper plastic candidiasis most commonly affects anterior buccal mucosa . Hyper plastic candidiasis Lupus erythematosus is a name given to a collection of autoimmune diseases , choronic disorder , effect the normal tissue , in the oral most common on buccal mucosa my mimic lichen planus or leukoplakia , associated skin lesions usually present . Lupus erythematosus White and red lesions Oral erythema migrans also called migratory stomatitis when extensive areas in the oral cavity mucosa are affected, or geographic tongue when confined to the dorsal and lateral aspects of the tongue mucosa . Oral erythema migrans Candidiasis white component may be rubbed off Red lesions Plasma cell gingivitis allergic reaction usually related to flavoring agents . Plasma cell gingivitis Blue and purple lesions Amalgam tattoo An amalgam tattoo is an area of discoloration in the mouth caused by the migration of particles of dental amalgam which become embedded under the oral membranes, causing a patch of gray, black, or blue to appear , most common on gingiva , sometimes discoverd on radiograph . Mucocele "mucous cyst of the oral mucosa also known as a "mucocele “
Especially on lower labial mucosa , typically pale blue cyclic swelling and rupturing often exhibited . eruption cyst overlying erupting tooth . done abrar makhdom

arwa basendwa

hetaf khaan

maram sweedan

maymonah almadani

shahad pasha G 3 L.6
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