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The Wave by Eric Walters

No description

shane penna

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of The Wave by Eric Walters

The Wave by Eric Walters Eric Walters was borns in 1957 in Toronto, Ontario. He was a teacher for a 5th grade class at Vista Heights Public School. He found that his students were not too fond of reading or writing. To encourage his students to read; he wrote his first novel Stand Your Ground. Incorporating various characteristcs of his community Streetsville in his novel. Aswell as some of his own students names. Over the past few years he has wrote over 60 novels, that have won him over 80 different awards. Including eleven separate childrens choice awards ,and is the only person to win both the Ontario Library Association Silver Birch and Red Maple Awards on three separate occassions. The Wave is a story revolving around the Brookes family. Who take a family vacation every year during Christmas to a small island located in Thailand called Phuket. The novel is a fictional telling of the tsunami that hit all of the countries surrounding the Indian ocean. The novel talks about the destruction that happened due to the tsunami hitting Thailand, and the dangers the Brookes family must overcome to survive this natural disaster. The novels protagonists are Beth and Sam Brookes. Switching from Sams' to Beths' point of view. Sam is a twelve year old boy who is only in the first half of the book and reappearing at the end. He is the average child in an unaverage situation. His personality is quite blant. None of his traits are memorable. The Brookes parents are not given a great deal of detail into their characters. Besides the father being a lawyer, and the mother being a nurse before discovering she had MS. Besides this the author does not go into a depth with detail about what they look like or what kind of people they are in general. That was one of the reason I thought they were going to die right when I started reading the novel. Beth is the second protagonist. She is Sams sister. Beth has become a second mother to Sam. Due to their mom having a disease called Multiple Sclerosis or MS for short. MS is a disease that affects a persons motorfunctions often leaving a person weak and disabled for short periods at a time. Beth ends up missing the trip to Phuket due to other complications; but after learning of the incident she races to Thailand to find her family. The Characters About the Author Plot Summary How I Felt About The Novel I felt the descriptions of things of things were drawn out. Making the book that much more painful to read. The characters didn't have much detail into their personalities or their appearance. Th novel was a let down, because he took such a tragic incident; with a great story, and made a drawn out book with a predictable ending. The novel is ment for young adults ,and it felt like it was ment for children at times. With his poor choice of words. I would not recommend this book to anyone over the age of 12. His poor choice of words, and ability to not create tension made the book dreadfully boring. Dramatic Reading From the Novel I chose this paragraph because even though she knows her mom is dead she still chooses to believe otherwise. This was one of the themes of the novel how people will cling to hope even though there is nothing else to hold onto.
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