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Gronstedt, ASTD International Conference

Anders Gronstedt, Rhonda Duesterberg and Doug Maxfield,

Anders Gronstedt

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Gronstedt, ASTD International Conference

1. 3D immersive 2. Gamification 3. Social Character intro:
Wheels fall off
Resolution Story elements 5. Mobile Join Train for Success Facebook.com/TrainForSuccess Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D.
with Rhonda Duesterberg &
Michelle Bigham, Avaya and
Doug Maxfield, Global Novations,
ASTD International Conference and Exhibition,
Monday, M105, 12:30-1:45 pm, and
Tuesday, TU204, 1.45-3.00 pm
Room: Mile High Quests: Goal(s) without specifying how to accomplish.
Points: Experience, skill, reputation, etc.
Levels: Progress through the game, more rewards and resources.
Badges: Awards for accomplishing tasks or skills.
Cut-scenes: Videos to advance the plot line. Game mechanics Intro Why? Failure of imagination The best that can be said about most mobile learning is that you get to experience the sensation of coma in bed! Paint watches eLearning dry When Lunesta can't sleep it takes eLEarning The best that can be said about most eLearning: It gives you the sensation of coma without the worry and inconvenience The learning industry: Still grappling with PC era Thank you! anders@gronstedtgroup.com 4. Story Always on
Touch screen
Camera "eyes"
Gyro Mobile form factors Gamifaction 97% of youth are playing computer games 42% of gamers are female 12 million people play World of Warcraft on average 22 hours a week Social games are 3 times larger than competitive games The protein folding game “Fold it” is close to solving aids. The average age of gamers is 37 25% of gamers are older than 50 years DoD spends $100 million on games The opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression.
-Brian Sutton-Smith "We walk backwards into the future” Marshall McLuhan Significantly higher engagment over a 2D Flash course
100 times as cost effective as live exercises with same performance results NYC emergency response simulation The Five Superpowers of Learning for the Digital Age Post-PC age BYOD: Bring your Own Device Over 80% of Fortune 100 deploying iPad and iPhones (Network World) 72% of organizations permits employee owned devices for work. (Aberdeen) If it’s my device I expect to access social media on it 50% of Facebook users access via mobile devices Post-PC age Let's create "Insanely great" learning running out of excuses... "Our IT departments won't let us" "We're in a regulated industry" "It's just for compliance" "We don't have budgets" "Not in our culture" “all knowing” “social architects” Role of training (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr Stuck in a Mad Men time capsule and Doug Maxfield Video-based story line "Scribing videos" Younger audience Tags: Scavenger hunt “Managing Inclusion” highly interactive Trailer Business case for inclusion Unpredictable flow Cliffhanger: Video record your own ending Class room Online job aid Take some of the heavy lifting off trainers VP, Business Development Rhonda Duesterberg, Global Sales Ops Learning and Development Sr Manager
Michelle Bigham, Program Manager Exhibit booth: 1819 Exhibit booth: 1317
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