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Natural Gas

No description

Jeremy Smith

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Natural Gas

Natural Gas
Natural Gas in Vehicles
Same principles as a gasoline vehicle
CNG gas stations
Utah Gas Stations
Ogden and Salt Lake City
Team Green
Presented by: Will Connolly, David Ratty, Jeremy Smith
Cost of Production
Stations look like gas stations
Similar construction costs
Amount of land needed similar to gas station
Natural Gas and Health
What are the health effects, good and bad, associated with natural gas?

-Is Natural Gas good for the environment?
-Effects on health from natural gas.

How can I come into contact with natural gas?

-Industries that utilize natural gas.
What is Natural Gas?
Defined by the World Dictionary as “a gaseous mixture consisting mainly of methane trapped below ground; used extensively as a fuel”
Available Cars
Where Does Natural Gas Come From?
Utah's Involvement
The state of Utah is placed third in consumption of CNG for vehicles.
Utah's Gas Stations
Weber Natural Gas Pump Station
Weber involvement
Price Comparison
Health Effects
- wide range of adverse health effects including
respiratory difficulties
skin rashes
digestive disorders
neurological problems.
Vehicle usage benefits
Natural Gas is good for Utah
Air Quality
natural gas produces 25 percent less CO2 emissions than oil and 50 percent less CO2 emissions than coal.

particulates from natural gas production are 90 percent lower than oil and 99 percent lower than coal combustion.

natural gas does not contribute significantly to smog formation because of
-low levels of nitrogen oxides, and
-virtually no particulates when used as a transportation fuel.
Natural gas is used in the following industries.
Means of Exposure
Energy Production (mass production)
Residential use (cooking, heating)
According to the National Library of Medicines "Tox Town" document...
"Exposure to low levels of natural gas is not harmful to your health."
Conversion Kit
($800 - $1500)

Honda - Civic NGV (2012) ($26,640)
GMC - 2015 SIERRA 2500HD ($35,545)
Ford - F-250/350/450 ($18,000 - $33,000)
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