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Exploring Neelwan Ponds

neelwan trip

Muhammad Imran Saeed

on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of Exploring Neelwan Ponds

Ascent in mountains

water! ,,water!! ...my legs!!! Start
Point Exploring Neelwan Ponds Sheesha Pond 1 Pond 2 Pond 3 The journey of a thousand miles
begins with but a single step the village View from the top....
TRUE BLUE The journey of a thousand miles begins with but a
single step ... Descent in mountains Thorny shrubs... OUCH!! More Thorny shrubs... Mini waterfall spring Indulged in self exploration
Even on Top of the World! Out in the wild The right hand plateau ending into vertical cliffs
The valley stretch to the left forms the cup at the bottom of which Neelwan Ponds lie Rugged terrain with thorny bushes Rashid Minhas, our very own Michael Phelps
The lone swimmer at Pond 1 ..... Yaaaahooooo!!
(p.s. It was the only pond with water level knee high) Pond 1: Fed by falling waters up above from the rocks The rocky face snapped from Pond 1 Platform Kboom & Jayzee
Sombre from outside, wahiyaat to the core Pond 2: Fed by the water stream from Pond 1 Moving forward: Making way to Pond 3 through some nasty water flow and thorny vegetation Way forward: Moving supplies to Pond 3 The College Bacha: on a quest to wisdom
posing with Pond 2 in background The calm and deep waters of Pond 3 Swimming in Pond 3 Rashid Minhas in Pond 3 : a fish out of water Swimming in Pond 3 OUCH!!!

*@#&%$! & Mitthas the recipe gossip addiction scratching the wisdom dose the quest continues .... the kings bath
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