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Research @ Faculty of Informatics, ELTE

Presentation for Samsung, 26 Oct. 2012

Tamás Kozsik

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Research @ Faculty of Informatics, ELTE

Research with industrial partners Faculty of Informatics
Eötvös Loránd University
Budapest, Hungary Program analysis and transformation Analysis and Refactoring tools Compilers Feldspar Mobile phones ODF on mobile phones
Viewing and editing
documents and spreadsheets Human-computer interaction Special education needs Signal and Image Processing Mathematical modelling Chemoinformatics
applications Approximation algorithms Grokking C++ code Erlang F# Java Functional Embedded Language for Digital Signal Processing and Parallelism

Chalmers University and Technology (Göteborg, Sweden)
Ericsson, Sweden RUM RUN by Turtle Games
Microsoft Imagine Cup, 3rd prize Transformation procedures ECG signals Queries in molecule db Domain specific languages Korean cooperation European projects New and Emergent World Models Through Individual, Evolutionary, and Social Learning Perceptual Consciousness – Explication and Testing European Robotic Surgery Semantic Web - Android Serious games Artificial Intelligence
etc. Panasonic OWL (UK) Panasonic PINTL (USA) Honda Research Institute (Germany) US Air Force Research Laboratories Hungarian Telekom Router project
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