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No description

Anthony Kuhn

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Eminem

Pop Culture:
By: Anthony Kuhn

Works Cited


Early Years
Born: October 17, 1972
Birthplace: St. Joseph, Missouri
Real name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Adopted name "Eminem" from his initials
His mother was a drug addict
Changing schools caused him to never have close friends
He describes himself as white trash
He dropped out of highschool after failing ninth grade 3 times in a row
Very depressing childhood
Bad relationship with his mother
Father left when he was six months old
He still has never met his father
As a child he was constantly moving back and forth between Kansas City amd Detroit
Eventually he settled in a mainly black neighborhood on the east side of Detroit
In grade school, he got in a fight and was hit so hard that he ended up in a coma for 10 days
How Eminem impacted the world
Eminem changed the field of rap
Proved that rap isn't just for the african american culture
First person to have humar, fantasy, and violence in his songs
His crowds are racialy diversed
He is respected throughout the african american community
He paved the way for other white rappers
He created music that relates to himself and most people in the world
His music tells a story about his life
Works Cited Part 2


How Eminem was inspired to go into hip-hop
At the age of 9 he heard a track by the rap artist Ice-T
This sparked his interest in rap and hip-hop music
He began writing his own raps at 13
At lunch during high school he would enter in rap battles
Eventually he became immersed in rap music
He put together his own cassettes of his rythmes
His birth of Hailie, his daughter, on Christmas day, 1995 motivated him to get more serious about rap
Early Career
In fall of 1996 he released his first album
The album wasn't a hit, selling only 1000 copies
With this album he was hoping to win the respect of the Detroit hip-hop community
First Record Deal
Eminem was chosen to be enterd in the Rap Olympics
This is where Dr. Dre first heard of Eminem
Dr. Dre was impressed with Eminem
Eminem soon signed a record deal with him
Rise to Stardom
Eminem released his second full album
"The Slim Shady LP"
This album went triple platinum
He had four hits on that album including his biggest hit for that album
"My Name Is"
In this song Eminem introduces his alter ego
Slim Shady
Eminem uses his alter ego to express his anger
All of Eminem's albums
"The Slim Shady LP"
"The Marshall Mathers LP"
"The Eminem Show"
"8 Mile"
"The Singles"
"Curtin Call: The Hits"
"Eminem Presents:The Re-Up"
"The Marshall Mathers LP 2"
How Eminem spread throughout the world
Work Cited Part 3

Eminem became known to the world through his music
His music earned him many Grammy Awards
He went on many worldwide tours
He became famous for being a white rapper in a field of African American rappers
How Eminem Became Famous
Eminem became famous from many things
Rap olympics
He won second place
When he recorded "5 Star Generals" he established himself in Japan, New York, and Los Angeles
The Slim Shady LP
Surprised people with his lyrics
He is the only other successful white hip-hop artist next to The Beastie Boys
However he is a lot more popular
Work CIted part 4

Eminem's third album secured his place as a rapper
"The Marshall Mathers LP"
This album was a diamond seller with 10,000,000 copies sold
This album had hits including
"The Way I Am
"The Real Slim Shady"
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