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No description

Serena Palmer

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Starters

By: Lissa Price Starters Main Characters The Setting of the Book The Genre of the Book Plot Diagram Continued Plot Diagram Callie Woodland, Tyler Woodland, Micheal, and Tinnenbaum The setting of the book takes place in Beverly Hills The book Starters is a Fiction book Exposition: Callie, Micheal, and her little brother Tyler are squatting in an abandoned apartment building and are forced to run from the Marshals. They have no mother or father and are forced to live on their own. Climax: As Callie is in her body trying to figure out what has happened, She realized someone has messed with the chip in her head and she can now hear Helena talking to her about killing the Governor. Callie is the more of the main character because she is the renter. Tyler is Callie's brother and he is 7 and has a very bad sickness They have to make sure the marshals don't catch them or else they will be taken to district 13 District 13 is an institution for kids that don't have any parents or loved one's around or for kids that don't have a home. The reason for it being fiction is because Callie rents out her body so elderly people can see what it's like to be a teen again. Callie leaves the apartment and signs a contract with Prime Destinations and starts renting out her body. Helena which is Callie's third rental service doesn't go quite as planned. Callie wakes up in a night club, but her rental wasn't over. She wondered why this was happening and meets another renter there. They start talking about how they can't let anybody know that their renters. Callie gets sent to institution 13 after getting caught shooting the Governor. She needed to find a way out to figure out what she could do to get Helena back into her body. Then she heard a scream in her head. Helena has been killed. Callie was scared so she crawled under a loading truck and snuck out. Once Callie was out she ran from the Old Man in the helicopter. She planned out a way to shut down Prime Destinations so that they don't make renting out a body a lifetime thing. She finally got enough people to side with her and they destroyed Prime. Everyone was sent back to their original bodies. Resolution: Falling Action: Conflict: Rising Action: About the Author She lives in foothills of Southern California with her husband. She has studied photography and writing. What i liked about Starters I liked this book because it made me want to keep reading once i finished a chapter. It was really good and kept me on edge. What i didn't like about Starters I didn't like how the author didn't really go into detail describing Tyler and Micheal. I would've liked to know more about how they felt during the whole situation. I would definitely recommend this book to people who like something that keeps them on edge and for people that like dare devilish things.
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