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Haym Salomon

No description

Vicente Torres

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Haym Salomon

Haym Salomon
In 1781 Salomon started working for Robert Morris, the new appointed superintendent for finance for the 13 colonies. When the Continental Army trapped Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis in the Virginian coastal town of Yorktown, Washington decided that that was gonna be the last blow/battle of the American Revolution. So he decided to take his army and the French army all the way to Virginia, but he told Morris that he needed $20,000 to finance the campaign. But Morris said that their were no more funds and no credit available, so Washington told Morris to get him Haym Salomon. Salomon raised the $20,000 by the sale of bills of exchange.
Mr. Haym Salomon died on January 6, 1785, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania after a lingering illness. A brief description of his death and legacy was printed in the Independent Gazetteer read on the next thursday of his death. He was remember for his remarkable skills and integrity for his profession and also for his generous and humane deportment. His remains are buried in the burial ground of the synagogue of Philadelphia.
Interesting Facts
1.How did Haym Salomon contribute to the American Revolution?
2.How did Haym Salomon get the $20,000 for the campaign of General Geoge Washington?
3.What did the large, engraved memorial marker of Barre granite say about Haym Salomon?
Haym Salomon was born in Leszno(Lissa), Poland on April 7, 1740. He was a Polish-Ashkenazi Jew who immagrated from Poland to New York in the period of the American Revolution. Salomon was a Broker who helped the French convert loans into ready cash money. In this way he aided the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War against Great Britain. He is imortant because he helped General George Washington and the Continental Army with their money problems by getting there funds for there campaig's.
Early Life and Education
When Salomon was young he studied hebrew. During his traveling in Western Europe he learned finance and also learned many languages. In 1775 he immigrated to New York City where he established himself has a financial broker for merchants engaged in overseas trade.
Salomon Finance Helping
Salomon's legacy is remembered by his grave-site in Mikveh Israel Cemetery in the 800-block of Spruce Street in Philadelphia. There are two plaque memorials. One is made of marble put by his great-grandson, William Salomon. The second one is a granite memorial placed inside the cemetery gate. Also, Robert S. Whitman, Sidney Bruskin and Marvin Abrams (all lodge past presidents) arranged for a large, engraved memorial marker of Barre granite inside the cementery gate saying, "AN AMERICAN PATRIOT".
In 1941, a writer named Howard Fast wrote a book called Haym Salomon,Son of Liberty.
In 1939, Warner Brothers made/released a film called Sons of Liberty (it was a short film starring Claude Rains as Salomon).
In World War II (WWII), the United States (U.S.) Liberty Ship (SS Haym Salomon) was named in his honor.
They made a statue of him with Robert Morris,General George Washington, and Haym Salomon (him).
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