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Coca-Cola Danielle Lyons Marshfield Middle School

No description

Danielle Lyons

on 24 February 2012

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Transcript of Coca-Cola Danielle Lyons Marshfield Middle School

Danielle Lyons
2nd Hour FCS HB
Career Quest
Prezi Project The Coca-Cola company started in 1886. The Coca-Cola company makes and
sells non-alcholic soft drinks. Coca-Cola offers soda, flavored water,
noncarbonated energy drinks,
noncarbonated water, tea and coffee,
and sports drinks. The industry has 139,600 employees. 1 year chart taken from www.yahoo.com February 22, 2011 Stock Price: $63.76
February 22, 2012 Stock Price: $69.10
Last dividend payed was on November 29, 2011
at $0.47 Some products made by Coca-Cola are: A competition for Coca-Cola is Pepsi. Thank you for watching my prezi!
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