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Advantages and Disadvantages of Fitness Tests

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Danny Bidwell

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Advantages and Disadvantages of Fitness Tests

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fitness Tests Cost Time Equipment Requirements Facility Requirements Skill Level of Person Administering the Test Validity and Reliability of Test Results Validity Validity - the accuracy of the results. This means whether the results obtained are a true reflection of what you are trying to measure Reliability - the consistency and repeatability of the results obtained. That is, the ability to carry out the same test method and expect the same results. Example - 25m Speed Test Advantages
Cheap to run
Not much equipment required Disadvantages:
Human Error
Lack of hi-tech timers make timing difficult Reliability:
The test can be performed many times as it takes just a few seconds to complete. This improves the reliability of results as an athlete's time can be 'averaged'. However, the reliability of the results may be poor if you do not have electronic sensor timers. One person holding a stopwatch between the starting gate and finishing line could easily make a timing mistake. Even if the resulting mistake is just a tenth of a second out, for such a short test, this could have a significant impact on the interpretation of the results. Validity:
By having a running start, the validity of the test improves as the test will measure just the speed of the athlete. Had we tested the athlete with a standing start, we would also be taking into consideration reaction time and acceleration which would have made the results less valid.
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