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Patricia va a California

No description

Robyn Edwards

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Patricia va a California

Patricia va a California
Chapter 4
- Patrica going to the United States to study English
-Having to say good bye to her family
She moves to Los Angles
Chapter 7
- The school name is Ventura High Cougars
- All school has an animal that represents their school
-Soccer is different in Los Angeles

Chapter 1
-We meet our main character Patrica
-Shes lives in Pana- jachel, Guatemala

Chapter 2
- We meet Patricia's family Eduardo (father), Elena (mother), David( brother), Berta (sister), Margarita (sister) and Ella (sister)

Chapter 5
-We meet anther family Ron, Susan, Diana and Lisa
- The family that takes care of Patrica while she is away from her family.
-The family speaks both English and Spanish
- Patrica will be going to public school
- She writes a letter to her family about her life and hows she good and about her school
Chapter 6
- School is different from where shes from
- Students where uniforms at her old school
- She is going to study English, Spanish, Physics, History and Math
- English is a special class for her because that's why she moved away from home
Chapter 3

- We learn that futbol is not the same as it is in the US.
- Futbol here is called soccer in US
Chapter 9
- Patrica and Diane went to Debbie's party
- Debbie's house is very big and she has a pool in her backyard
-Patrica talks about her home and hows theirs mountains and she lives by a lake
Chapter 8
Chapter 10
- Woke up at 5am to go back to Guatemala.
- Debbie is going to visit Patrica in June
- Says her goodbyes to everyone
-Her family was very happy to see her again
Chapter 11
-Its June
- Patrica goes to the air port to pick up her friend Debbie
- Patrica tours Debbie Guatemala
- Debbie meets Patrica's family
- Debbie was told by her family that she talked about her all the time
-Debbie wrote a letter to her family
Chapter 12
-Debbie eventually flies back to California
-She made a lot of new friends
-Made a party to say good bye to Debbie
-They all bought presents for Debbie
- Not friends with Debbie
- She really likes English class
-Patrica, Lisa and Dinane see a man trying to steal the car and he has a gun
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