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Board Presentation

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Marian Herman

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Board Presentation

The Role of
Media/ Information/ Technology
Specialists @ Indian Hill What is a
(aka librarian) A Jack of all trades
and master of none? Master of many! http://www.screencast.com/users/vickyrowing/folders/Default/media/34eb7a7e-9c3f-4773-b224-5156cef03411 Technology Specialists Select,
and train staff and students
on digital resources such as
e-books, and technologies
that support the school's curriculum and educational philosophy Teach library usage,
information literacy,
problem-solving, and critical thinking skills to students and staff Teach faculty and students current Web 2.0 tools such as:
RSS feeds
Google Docs
and on into the future... Collaborate with faculty to implement these Web 2.0 tools into their curriculum

Find the relevant technological resources that meet curricular needs. Create and maintain school and library websites, blogs, and library courses on Blackboard Help students and faculty troubleshoot technology issues... laptops,
computer LCD projectors

Help available in the classroom as instruction is occurring
Manage, schedule, and maintain 75 desktop and 206 laptop computers
in the high school and middle school and 156 computers, 24 smart boards with projectors at the PS . Information Specialists Create and deliver
information literacy instruction

at class,
group and
individual levels; Collaborate and plan with
school administrators,
students and
to implement information literacy instruction
in the curriculum Provide access to information and resources Assist and guide students and staff as they seek to select and use the
resources and services Develop policies for the use of resources Information Literacy:

"[the ability]to recognize when information is needed and ... to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information."

The American Library Association's (ALA) Presidential Committee on Information Literacy, 1989 Provide an accurate and efficient retrieval system for gaining access to information. Don't librarians handle
books anymore? Yes! LIBRARIANS
(the BOOK people) Review new literature,
locate and purchase the best literature, support the needs of teachers by providing materials for author studies related to thematic units of study Contribute to children’s learning by
carefully and intentionally integrating with the language arts/ English programs and other academic curriculum areas Push books! "In my brain I carry ….books about –ing endings for the kindergarten and long a sounds for Katy Ping and books in 1st person narrative for grade 2 and the best mystery books for 2E at the start of October." --Mrs. Groth "Understanding the characteristics of different literary genres helps the student identify books for pleasure reading." -- Mrs. Welsh This course of study prepares students to grow and adapt in a technological society in which they will spend significant portions of their lives locating, evaluating, utilizing, and communicating information in different formats within a diverse and collaborative community. Students are encouraged to be independent and effective users of such information. Additionally, the curriculum encourages students to develop an appreciation of reading and engage in personal reading from a variety of literature genres.
Book talks
Author visits and Birthday Authors
Curriculum Tie-ins
Book fairs
Book Clubs
Wall of Fame books
Our Favorite Books Awards
Reading events
Read! posters
Summer Reading Opportunities
Connections with the Public Library YES! Sounds good --
but does it work? An meta-analysis of research studies involving the United States, Cananda and Australia found many positive results, including the following: http://mendozavhm.edu.glogster.com/indian-hill-library-media-center-program/ Course Philosophy Existing research shows that school libraries can have a positive impact, whether measured in terms of reading scores, literacy or learning more generally, on student
A strong library program that is adequately staffed, resourced and funded can lead to higher student achievement regardless of the socioeconomic or educational levels of the adults in the community.
The quality of the collection has an impact on student learning.

Test scores are higher when there is higher usage of the school library. Collaborative relationships between classroom teachers and school librarians have a significant impact on learning, particularly in relation to the planning of instructional units, resource collection development, and the provision of
professional development for teachers.
A print-rich environment leads to more reading, and free voluntary reading is the best predictor of comprehension, vocabulary growth, spelling and grammatical
ability and writing style.
Libraries can make a positive difference to students’ self-esteem, confidence,
independence and sense of responsibility in regard to their own learning;

Published by the Australian Council for Educational Research
19 Prospect Hill Road
Camberwell Victoria 3124 2003 Make literature come alive with: (among many, many other exciting activities) Serve always as
role models for embracing technology use in education. Come see the difference we're making
@ your Indian Hill School Library! School librarians bring pedagogical order and harmony to a multi-media clutter of information
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