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"Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play" Book Talk

Mrs. Wood's Period 5

Marshal Knight

on 8 May 2011

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Transcript of "Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play" Book Talk

Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play
By: Marshal Knight Plot Points...(literally)
5 kids were filmed to be holograms in the Walt Disney World Resort
As a result of the filming, when the kids go to sleep, they go into the parks at night
Their true meaning for being holograms, not tour guides like the Imagineers told them, was to protect the parks and the world from The Overtakers (A group of Disney Villains out to, well, kill them)
Since Maleficent and Chernabog, the 2 biggest Overtakers, have been locked up, Maleficent has sent The Evil Queen (from Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs) and Cruella De Vil (from 101 Dalmatians) to take their place The 5 kids (Finn, Willa, Charlene, Maybeck and Philby) have been getting messages and clues from their old imagineer friend, Wayne, that is suggesting that one of their own has betrayed them for the Overtakers
When they finally get one of their own (Charlene) out of the curse another one gets in it.
The new person under the curse (Willa) is also under "The Sleeping Beauty Syndrome" which is a disease of sorts where the hologram in the park can't reach the fob (the button allowing them to come back to the real world) and they are stuck in the park all throughout the day, which means they can't wake up in the real world The person in the curse now is being chased by an army of...army men (from the Toy Story films) and Frollo (the villain from The Hunchback of Notre Dame), resulting from this chase the DHI in danger finds the first character in the series that actually supports the "Kingdom Keepers" efforts, Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) The Kingdom Keepers have 2 friends, Jess and Amanda, who are sisters who have been made into holograms by the groups tech wizard, Philby
Amanda and Jess have special powers, Amanda can move things with her mind and Jess gets dreams which end up coming true (Think That's So Raven), which have both helped the Keepers a lot through out the books
One of Jess's visions is about Finn kissing a girl wearing Jess's shirt. Finn kisses Amanda, who at the time is wearing Jess's shirt, and ends up "dying" or can't be woken up, which adds another story line to the already thick plot The group realize that Amanda can still become a hologram, so to hopefully fix her, Finn goes in with Amanda to the Magic Kingdom where they meet up with 2 "helpers" (Minnie Mouse and Pluto) and 1 villain (The Big Bad Wolf from The Three Little Pigs short)
Another plot point revealed, which isn't as big as others but still important, is that Mickey has disappeared and no one knows where he is (Ariel at one point walks around the question of "What happened to Mickey?")
The Overtakers have "captured" non-DHI's and made them their minions. The only way to tell they are Overtakers is by the color of their eyes, the minions have bright green contacts in showcasing their "Turn to the dark side"
The entire plot ends up being one big scheme for Maleficent and Chernabog to esscape which is great for them, not so great for the Keepers... MICKEY GONE MISSING! Character Chart Finn Character Quote WHAT DOES IT REVEAL Conflict "It's me, we crossed you over into the Magic Kingdom. I think we can help you." Although all this crap is going on around him with the villains and the parks being under danger, he cares most about his team and Amanda. Like mentioned, the biggest problem for him is Amanda's health and safety. He won't go on until she is better and awake in the real world. Philby "He has to enter a password. The system's master password is the only thing that can override a lockout. Look for a camera" It shows that Philby is the one with all the technology information. He knows the computer servers of Disney like the back of his hand and can tell any Keeper what they need to do it and how. His biggest conflict is trying to stop the Overtakers from getting the Keepers into the parks without the kids knowing. He wants eberyone to just stay safe and not go under the Queen's curse again. Willa "It isn't safe here. I don't want to leave you. Please don't think me rude, but I don't want to get you in any more trouble than you're already in" Willa wants to fight for herself and would rather get in trouble then someone else getting in trouble for her and because of her. Her major conflict is trying to get out of the syndrome and out of the hands of the Overtakers, she doesn't want to get the curse like Charlene Mrs. Whitman "What are you going to do? How can I help?" It is a very simple quote, but it reveals a lot. The whole "Kingdom Keeper" thing is very new to her, and although she knows that it really puts her son in danger, she really encourages it and wants to help them save the magic. Her major conflict, again, is the never ending thought of "Should I be worried about my son?" and "Should I let him still help the parks though he could get hurt?" Ariel "My dear girl, everyone knows about you. You are our saviors" She really loves these people, though she has never met them. She wants to do anything she can for them to succeed. Although not as crazy as the other conflicts, all she wants to do is not let the Overtakers know about her "partnership" with the Kingdom Keepers. She wants to keep them as safe as possible. Rationale/Favorite Paragraph "The two kids wound through the empty waiting line for the raft ride. Amanda shrieked and slid to an abrupt stop; Finn crashed into her from behind. An unconscious pirate lay at his feet. He was gnarly looking, with a scrub beard, a pockmarked face, and bent nose. A bandana worn as a skullcap hid most of a particularly nasty bump. Finn looked between the fallen pirate and Minnie, who stood on the edge of the raft, a shore line in one hand, the other tucked behind her back. 'Minnie?' Finn said. She hung her head and pulled her hand from behind her back, revealing a large wooden pin, part of the raft. 'She did this?' Amanda asked Finn. 'I'd say she charmed him.' 'Thank you, Minnie,' Amanda said. Minnie blushed, and slowly a smile overtook her. She looked devilish as she waved them onto the raft invitingly. I chose the passage because, although it was funny, it still showed more into the good characters of the book. They love the Keepers, they will do anything it takes for them to stay alive and save the magic. You would never expect Minnie to knock someone unconscious, but she did to save Amanda and Finn, which says a lot about Minnie and the good characters. The passage also explains never ending danger the Keepers are in. They are just trying to get on the raft, and pirates are trying to kill them! A lot of charatcers just want them gone, and that is what they intend on doing. They want the magic gone and they will do whatever it takes to stop the people who want to save it! The Original Cover My Cover The two biggest pictures are of Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot, these are the 2 main parks in the book.
Cruella and the Evil Queen are there because they are the main villains in the book, but under Maleficent's order (She is pictures under Epcot)
Maelstrom's sign is there because that is the location of a big DHI vs. Troll brawl as well as Charlene being "released" from the curse
The green eye is their since the Overtakers' minions all are detected by their bright green eyes
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