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The Book Thief 2

A presentation made for Ms. Cavanaugh's A Channel Class

Marvelouse Guerrier

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The Book Thief 2

By Alex, Debbie, Donovan, Logan, Paul, and Priyank Main Characters Liesel Meminger -She is the protagonist of the story
-She is nine years old in the beginning and dead at the end
-Blonde hair, brown eyes, of German decent
-Never knew her father, mother gave her up for adoption, brother died on the way to new family
-Passionate about words and literature, steals books
-Courageous with an enormous heart
. Hans Hubermann -Legal guardian of Liesel,who calls him "papa"
-smoker,loves to roll cigarettes
-house painter,plays the accordion at a pub
-fought in world war one & two
-Against Nazi ideals
-spends early mornings calming Liesel after her nightmares
-teaching her how to read
-silver eyes,very tall,positive,kind,caring Rosa Hubermann -Short, waddles
-face like a creased-up cardboard
-Wife of Hans
-Terrible cook
-Washes and irons rich people clothes
-Sailor mouth,always complains,cranky,angry
-loves Liesel but mistreats and beats her
-big heart Rudy Steiner -Best friend and adorer of Liesel
-Blonde hair,blue eyes,skinny
-2nd eldest child out of 6
-one of the top students in school
-loves to help others = him getting pushed around
-acts as an accomplice in some of Liesel's thievery Max Vandenburg -24 years old
-street fighter; dreams of dueling Hitler and winning
-writes and illustrates books for Liesel
-strong will to live Death -the narrator of the story who carries the dead souls
-obsessed with colors
-claims that humans haunt him Ilsa Hermann -Mayor's wife; continually mourns the death of her son
-lets Liesel use her library after she witnessed her stealing the book from the burning
-gives Liesel a blank,black book that later becomes the book thief's story
-she then takes Liesel into her home SETTING
As Liesel's feeling change she begins to make friends and her view of the town changes, she feels happier Logan waz hea 1939-1945 Molching,GERMANY Hitler's in power town of Munich on a little street called "HIMMEL" Death describes the streets in a gloomy and spiteful way to portray Liesel's feelings about being abondoned by her mother RISING ACTION Rising Action is a series of conflicts and complications that help develop the main character's change, typically the theme or message the author is trying to send. Conflicts man vs. society: Society tells Liesel its wrong to think of Max as a human because he's Jewish Complication: Liesel takes her individuality,forges a friendship with Max realizes how much they have in common rebelling against the typical way of thinking man vs self: Hans Hubermann goes out in a unit to temperorily stabalize buildings in the middle of previous war zones. Shortly after joining this unit he gets in an argument with another man. After this argument a man gets killed because Hans hadn't argued with him. Hans tells himself it is his fault. man vs. man: Hans and his son disagree on political perspectives. Hans Jr. is for Hitler while his father is against Hitler's views Complication: Even though it isn't Han's fault he continues to blame himself. Complication: Hans Jr. leaves and joins the army CLIMAX Himmel Street bombed, everyone was killed but Liesel, she was writing a book in her basement. Max had left and was brought to a concentration camp far away, however Hans had recently come home. Falling Action Resolution Liesel is freed from the wreckage of the bombing identifies the dead bodies of Rosa,Hans, and Rudy
Goes to live in 8 Grande Strasse with Ilsa Hermann Liesel dies Sydney, Australia and comes face to face with Death. Who tells her his darkest secret. . . THEME The theme of the story is the importance of words and literature. Liesel learns that words can break people down, as she did to the Mayor's wife after firing Rosa Hubermann. Also, words can save lives, as she convinced Frau Holtzapfel not to commit suicide, often times the living survivors suffer more than those who die. Major Literary Devices Symbolism Colors: Narrator, Death views his duty as gruesome and constant. The colors are used to unlock certain memories. Death recalls white, black, and red to describe the instances he has seen Liesel, setting her apart from anyone else he's ever met. The colors create the mood of the story through imagery. Grey = Difficult times
Red = Foreshadows death
The colors that death sees around Liesel are the colors that make up the Nazi flag. Accordion: Source of comfort; links the Hubermanns to the Vanderburgs. Papa finds comfort in friendship when he plays, because Erik saves his life during WWI. The accordion changes and re-unites the families and their opinions. For Max, the accordion reminds him of his father and how he survived unknown serves as proof to the world. It serves as proof that it's possible to survive as a Jew.
For Liesel, the accordion is a symbol of hope and comfort. It reminds her of her fondest memory of Hans, when he used to play for her. When she finds it in the rubble of Munich, it becomes a reminder of her loss, but it also means she survived.
For Rosa, when Hans leaves for Essen Rosa stares at the accordion at night. Hans becomes the accordion for her. We now realizes how much she cares for him and longs for her husband so much that just staring at it fills her memories. The Standover Man
Max wrote this song and gave it to Liesel Represents: All of the things hanging over Max shows Liesel kind words can combat hateful ones, this also symbolizes Liesel and Max's friendship. The Whistler
About a murderer on the run from the police, steals from Ilsa Hermann
Represents: Rudy and Liesel have a close realationship seems that he is in love with her but she isn't so sure The Gravedigger's Handbook
Was the first book Liesel stole, she stole it from her brother's snowy grave site
Represents: Great loss, great sorrow, and feeling abandonment. The end of one phase of her life and the beginning of another. Great friendship and learning to read. The Shoulder Shrug
Stolen on Hitler's birthday, taken from his birthday book burning in Molching
Represents: A way Liesel can get revenge on Hitler, she wants something to read, but also wants to take back some of what Hitler is stealing. This opens a door to a whle new world of books as Ilsa Hermann saw Liesel take the book. This inspires Hans to help Max. Mein Kampf
Liesel doesn't steal or read this book but it's an important part of who she is
Represents: Liesel being trapped in Nazi Germany and the horrors all around. Also, represents Max and his life. Personification Death is personified through out the story. "The buildings appeared to be glued together mostly small houses and apartment blocks that looked nervous." Page 27
Means: That the buildings weren't glued physical to each other. The author stresses the fact that the buildings are small & close together because people that on Himmel street can't afford much land. "A bathrobe answered the door" Page: 42 Means: The Author is trying to tell us Rosa isn't even noticed or seen all you see is her bathrobe, we, the reader realize that Death doesn't see Rosa as human, she is simply nothing at ll, what she wears is what we see. Summary An enticing tale of love, friendship, Jessie Owens, survival, and, most of all the words, “The Book Thief.” It features a young girl, her three friends, and her family as the protagonists. The antagonist in this story is life in Nazi Germany. Liesel Meminger lives in Germany during World War II. Her parents are gone and her brother has died. She has to live with her foster parents Hans, a kind man who disagrees with Nazi ideals, and Rosa Hubermann a loud, upright woman who can handle herself in any situation. She lives on a road called Himmel Street, making unlikely friends throughout the town as she gets to know her new family. She learns the power of words as she watches those she loved get taken away and she learns the truth of life, death, words and how we all die but our stories can continue our legacies forever “The Book Thief is a narrative told to us by Death about Liesel’s legacy. It is a fantastic read written by Marcus Zusak. Similar Person of Interest is Taylor Swift She has had trouble with loved ones and also uses her words to express how she feels
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