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Hounslow Youth Counselling Services

No description

Shivani Shori

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Hounslow Youth Counselling Services

Feltham HM Prisons and YOI
Hounslow Youth Counselling Services
If HYCS wins the £3000...
150 more counselling sessions
Help reduce waiting list and provide support to vulnerable people
It would help up to
20 more young people
get the counselling they need
Raise more
and emphasize the point of talking to someone
The money could
refurbish counselling rooms
and make it more, welcoming comfortable space for clients
£3,000 would
pay for the expensive counselling training
so more counsellors will be able to help the people who desperately need support
Schools Counselling
When a personal tragedy befalls someone, it is often difficult to know what is best to do or say. Teachers in schools are in much the same dilemma

Hounslow Youth Counselling Services is a
voluntary organisation
objective is to promote the relief of suffering caused by mental or physical health, or by social or economic circumstances among young people
offers a free confidential counselling
aims to serve young people aged 11 to 25
Commonly known as HYCS
Located in Isleworth 78 st Johns Road
900 young people aged 11 – 25 years old register for counselling with HYCS every year.
600 of them receive counselling from HYCS
What is Hounslow Youth Counselling?
The People of HYCS
The team of counsellors who work voluntarily have been selected and trained carefully. The quality of the service offered is under continuous review. All counsellors receive regular supervision and the oppurtunity for in service training. HYCS runs a range of training courses in working with young people.
Social Issue

Where the Charity Get Their Funding From
London Borough of Hounslow – Early Intervention Service
Help a Captial Child
HM Prison Service – Feltham Young Offenders Institution
TRUST FUNDS – The City Bridge Trust
BBC Children in Need
Schools: -
Kingsley Academy
The Heathland
Gunnersbury Boys School
Rivers Academy
Lampton School
Eric Saunders, Liz Hassock, Asda

What Does the Charity Do To Raise Awareness?
Success Stories
HYCS directly addresses the area of young peoples emotional well being and mental health
Counsellors work with young people with a range of issues including

panic attacks
self harming
being bullied
negative pressures
eating disorders
low self esteem
pregnancy adivce
History of HYCS
HYCS was set up 26 years ago by 4 people who recognized the need for a confidential, safe space for young people to talk openly.

Promote themselves in
international Womens day
school mufti days
Raffle Tickets
Christmas Fairs
58 people work within Hounslow Youth Counselling Service

36 counsellors, admin support and managers

10 management Committee members

35 of these members are volunteers

Over 6,000 hours voluntary work each year

'All of these people have a passion to support and help the young people in this Borough, and to put the needs and best interest of young people at the core of our service'
Somebody has died what do we do now?
The Bereavement policy

What Schools Does HYCS Offer Counselling To?
Counselling in 7 schools in the borough –
Woodbridge PRU
The Heathland
Rivers Academy

Feltham School

Kingsley Academy

Gunnersbury Boys school

Chiswick School
Our Cake Sale 15/11/13
Lucy- A new Counsellor in Feltham HMP and YOI 'Working with Danny'
'My first morning was spent in the company of a 19 year old inmate who was on remand. Every so often, whenever he caught the sight of a prison officer during the counselling session I could see the 'street' persona come over him. There was a look in his eyes that possibly represented what he had been about on the outside. However during the majority of his time within the session he appeared to show a different persona, one that he may not have allowed others to see. He talked of his pain and his genuine desire to change, and I believed him. What was crucial for him in his support team was the collaborative working of professionals. We all played a part in making sure that he progressed and to make sure that he reflects on the hurt and trauma experienced at such a young age, to then look towards the future and to make sure he makes different choices and keep out of prison'
'This charity is at the heart of the Every Child Matters outcomes of being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic wellbeing'
'Client confidentiality is considered to be one of the greatest importance. Anything discussed between the client and the counsellor is held in confidence by the Service'

Story Time....

Our Interview with Zoe made by Shivani
Thank you from, Shivani, Basra, Priya and Aminah
My Poem

All It ever did, was eat me up inside,
All it ever did, was made me roll into a tight ball and cry
All it ever did was tug and pull at me,
All it ever did was sting me, like a venomous bee.
All it ever did was gnaw and chew at my goals,
All it ever did, was break me into a thousand pieces until it finally cracked my soul
I did nothing because I thought no one would understand the hurt
I did nothing because I thought it would make it worse, as if my wounds would fill up with dirt
I did nothing because I was scared
I did nothing because I knew no one cared
I finally realised there was a way to defeat this problem that was eating me up inside
I finally realised that I had someone who didn’t want my world to break down and collide
I finally realised that I had the support to pull open the zip that has been sealing my mouth shut
I finally realised that my scars of shame were fading, that there was no need to cut
I was having counselling
And for the first time in my life, my world was finally letting me sing .
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