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The Company

No description

Luka Tauvae

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of The Company

Lost data will be restored from the last full and differential backup.
Members of Infinity Solutions:

Solutions For the company

An Infinity Solutions Presentation

Members of Infinity Solutions
Business Priorities (from high to low)

Priorities and Risks
Companies to contact after a disaster:

If a major environmental disaster was to occur, please remember:

Disaster Recovery Plan
Infinity solutions will plan in detail, the set-up of the company network

- to reduce interference caused by microwaves, TVs and blue tooth devices
- to help lower time and money used to maintain network infrastructure and integrity

All current and future IT staff will be trained by Infinity Solutions or external sources to maintain this setup.

Please refer to Appendix B: Network topology diagram for more information

Proposed Network Setup
Network Security
Project Orion
Security Solutions that we plan to implement
Redesign company network
Sohpos Secure Wi-Fi for wireless access points
Sophos Next gen firewall & UTM - For network protection
Sophos Cloud - For remote management
Recommend security solutions
As part of our solution we will provide training for your I.T manager in configuring and managing the Sophos products mentioned in this presentation
New staff members will receive similar devices to co-workers in their respective departments
Proposed Company Devices and Upgrades (TBC)
-Members of Infinity Solutions

Bundle Up
Question Time
In the event of an environmental disaster,
there will be an arranged temporary location,as to be able to run day to day operations with the bare minimum.
Before organizing replacement parts or devices,
check to see if anything can be salvaged.
Infinity Solutions

Vector energy Ph #0508 832 867
PB-Tech Ph #09 526 9200

Symantec Ghost imaging solution

Inspire 3D Printers Ph #09 281 4206
All laptops will receive an upgrade to Windows 8.1 (pending conformation from company CEO)
If laptops are upgraded to Windows 8.1 Enterprise, laptop hardware may be upgraded for efficient use
This will allow I.T staff to easily maintain and secure company devices
Priorities and Risks

Disaster Recovery Plan

Proposed Network Setup

Network Security

Proposed Company Devices and Upgrades

Question Time

-3D printers



-Priorities and Risks

-Disaster Recovery Plan

-Proposed Network Setup

-Network Security
-Proposed Company Devices and Upgrade
Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition 17.3"

-Blue-tooth capability
-Wi-Fi capability


Lenovo B5030 functions:

Blue-tooth capability

Administration and Accounts

Able to run
- CAD for design
- CAM and CNC for output
- Digital Laser Scanner for input
Also we will train your I.T manager to
use our backup solution mentioned in
this presentation
Project Manager - Farisha S Khan
Risk Advisor- Thomas Voerman
Contingency Plan Specialist - Shauna Carleton-Wong
Network and Security Specialists - Luka Tauvae and Luke J Mara

Lenovo A10 A7600


Lenovo B5030

500GB HDD for storage of project details and plans

Project Management

YouTube app pre-loaded

Access to Salesforce.com

Google Slides

Office Mobile
Blue-tooth capability

Wi-Fi compatibility

Web Camera
Wi-Fi compatibility

Google Applications

Web Camera
The specifics of risk mitigation are disclosed in proposal
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