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Ahaana Khosla

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of WIRED

Status Update
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For my research for this project, I used both primary and secondary sources.
I created a survey called 'How Wired Are You?' for the collection of my primary data (https://www.surveymonkey.com/summary/tzyYz5mL_2BIF_2FDCPnLnREVhx9Qe3fyRZaQhk9m5LY4_2FU_3D)
And for the collection of my secondary data I predominantly relied on books and journals.
My research showed apparent link between cognitive conditions and personality short falls as a result of social media. Some studies have researched the relationship between Facebook and the Big 5 Personality factors.
I found out through my research that many scholars believe that social media blurs the line between the virtual world and reality. Eg: Sharon Seline

A few scholars that greatly influenced my project include Tardanico, Otto and Otto, Galligan and Lenhart.
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Towards the end of my Project Proposal I realised I had partially proved my hypothesis incorrect from the information received through my primary sources, my survey in particular.
The results of my survey were startling and left me slightly disappointed and shocked. However I analysed that the sample of respondents wasn't diverse enough and most if not all of them came from the same or similar walks of life. The problem perhaps lay in the fact that the survey did not reveal the age, sex or profession of the respondents thereby making it difficult and almost impossible to gauge whether there was a trend in their responses and if any external factors influenced their opinions.

Looking back I wish I had got more respondents to take the survey by publicising it more than I did. I think if I had a more diverse sample my results would probably vary and I could have perhaps proved my hypothesis correct!
My primary and secondary research greatly helped me in evaluating my hypothesis. While my secondary research, both visual and theoretical greatly informed my decisions, the true essence and most useful information however came from my online survey.

Without even realizing my academic reading for this Project Proposal and Realisation subconsciously greatly influenced my visual media work as well. The more reading I did, the more I tried to convert that idea or theory into a visual piece of work in my head first and then on paper.
As human beings we thrive on social interaction. It is the way we were made to function. Through the process of socialization we are taught the norms and values of society that we must adhere to. Who you are today, is because of the way you were socialized; what your parents and teachers taught you and how they interacted with you. Not how you spent hours staring at a fake version of reality on an Ipad.

For my Project Proposal and Realisation I chose to focus on socal media addiction and how it is potentially disconnecting us. Gary Turk's video look up is where the root of the inspiration for this project lies.
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How Wired Are You?

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