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Elizabeth Harris

on 21 November 2016

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religion term 4
TASK 1 (What is a prophet?)
A prophet is someone who is spoken to by god to share his word throughout their land. It is also a person who is a messenger of God and a person who receives commandments and keeps them and teaches them as well. Prophets are people who have been chosen by God to tell the people about him and tell them the truth which lies ahead of them, also each prophet has a specific message that they wish to share.
TASK 5 (what is this message today)
Task 2 (World behind the test what was life like at that time? What are the roles/responsibilities? e.g. Mother/Father)
Isaiah which means The Lord is salvation. Isaiah was born in the 8th century BC, to a man named Amos. But there is no mention of Isaiah's mother as well as his childhood years. The Prophet Isaiah received a vision of God and spoke to him about his great power which is to be a glorious majesty, and his purifying holiness. He lived in Jerusalem and God directed him toward Israel, Judah and other nations. The tradition of the Jews says that he was one of the royal descendent, and he may have been a cousin to King Uzziah. Isaiah was married to a prophetess. They had two sons whose names had prophetic meanings. The first son's name was Shear-Jashub which means a remnant shall return and the other son called Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz meaning speed the spoil, hasten the booty. Isaiah died on the 7th century by people sawing him in half.
Task 4 (How was this message received at that time?)
The message of Prophet Isaiah was received to the people by God once came down to Isaiah and told him everything about the future and told him to start writing a book of what is going to happen. He then went out preaching about the coming of the son of the Lord/messiah and talked about that gods judgment is coming but so is his comfort. this message was fulfilled by God sending down Jesus and clearing away sins.
Task 3 (What was the message of your Prophet?)
The message of Isaiah is that gods judgment is coming but so is his comfort. Th was the message of Isaiah which he had said.
The message today is to always believe in god and what he has told us.
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