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Pokemon Math Project

Showing how math is used in game in the Pokemon series

dakota dawe

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Pokemon Math Project

Ways Math is Used Math Project! By: Dakota Dawe Stats Natures EV Training IV Breeding Catching a Pokemon "Shininess" Stats Every Pokemon has a set of base stats Every stat affects how a battle goes HP: Stamina Attack: Physical Strength Defense: Physical defending Special Attack: Elemental attacks Special Defense: Elemental defense Speed: Who goes first EV Training EV: Effort Value Every Pokemon gives off EVs when defeated Usually their highest stat Single Pokemon can gather 510 EVs Single stat maxes out at 255 EVs 4 effort points= +1 stat boost (Not to be confused with this cutie!) Ev Training Cont. EV trainers only raise stats by 252 EVs since it can be divided by 4 evenly Most EV spreads are 252-252-4, with a remainder of 2 EVs are used to to have a Pokemon reach it's full potential With IVs and the right nature a Pokemon can become a powerhouse! IV Breeding IV: Individual Value Ranges from 0-31 Every Pokemon has different IVs to make each one an individual Through breeding you can create a Pokemon with "Perfect IVs" IV Breeding Cont Example: Bulbasaur Ditto Bulbasaur Lv 100 No IVs Lv 100 Perfect IVs HP: 200 Attack: 103 Defense: 103 Spec. Atk: 135 Spec. Def: 135 Speed: 95 HP: 231 Attack: 134 Defense: 134 Spec. Atk: 166 Spec. Def: 166 Speed: 126 Comparing Stats Natures Every Pokemon has one of the 25 different natures Each nature boosts a stat and decreases another except for 5 natures Boost increases stat growth by 1.1x Drop decreases stat growth by .9x Catching Pokemon Shiny Pokemon Differently colored Pokemon Similar to albino animals 1 in 8,192 chance of finding one Junichi Masuda introduced new way to obtain "Shinies" By breeding two Pokemon from 2 different coutries the chance lowers to 1 in 2,048(IV) or 1 in 1,365.3(V) Shiny Pokemon Cont This is known as the Masuda Method In Pokemon Black & White 2 there is an item called "Shiny Charm" Lowers chances to 1 in 2,730.6 for a random encounter and 1 in 1.024 for Masuda Method Formula for a Pokeball; a= (3*Max HP - 2*HP Amount) * Rate * Bonus Ball 3*Max HP * Bonus Status Max HP: Total health points at 100% health HP Amount: Current HP Rate: Capture rate of Pokemon (3-255) Bonus Ball: Multiplier of ball used Bonus Status: Multiplier from status Catching Pokemon Cont Statuses: Sleep- 2x
Frozen- 2x Paralyze- 1.5x Poison- 1.5x Burn- 1.5x If generated value is less than 25 when frozen/asleep, it is caught If generated value is less than 12 when burned/paralyzed/ poisoned it is caught Otherwise value must be below catch rate of Pokemon Questions?
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