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Driver Education Exam Review

Review For State Written Exam (Mid term)

Andrew Lasko

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Driver Education Exam Review

NJ State Driver Education
Exam Review
Must be 21 years or older
Must be a NJ licensed driver
Must be licensed for a minimum of 3 years
A supervising driver for the holder of of a validated GDL Permit must meet the following
When passing
When on a one way Street
When impractical to travel on that side of the roadway
Laws of New Jersey require you to
keep to the right except:
Be Alert
Be Prepared
Act in Time
Prevention Formula
Minimum of 3 months
The holder of a validated GDL Examination permit (21 years or older) is required to drive with supervision for a:
not driving at all after drinking...
The best way to reduce your chances of
having an alcohol related accident is to:
25 M.P.H.
Speed limit in a school zone
(unless otherwise posted)
5 ounces of table wine
1.5 ounces of whiskey
12 ounces of beer
Which of the following drinks contain the highest alcohol
Traffic Accidents
Medical Emergencies
Effective July 1, 2004, motorists in New Jersey
may not use hand-held wireless telephones while driving
except for the following instances:
Toward the curb...
When parking downhill on a street with
a curb on your right, your car wheels should be :
If you drink and have reached
a BAC of slightly above .05 % the risk
of your causing a motor vehicle accident is:
25 % more
In adverse weather conditions a truck takes longer to stop
This can be as much as :
Open Country Driving
You cannot take your road test in a vehicle with any obstructions or consoles between the driver and the examiner because:
Examiner cannot reach the brakes
Turn in the same direction the back of the car is skidding.
To regain control
while in a skid, you should:
High Beam Lights are used for.
Slow Down ,turn Back on to the pavement Slowly.
If your wheels drift onto the dirt shoulder of the road
and you want to return to the paved road, you Should:
5:01 A.M. - 11:00 P.M.
The driving hours of a GDL Examination Permit or Provisional License (under 21 years of age) are restricted to:
Keep going straight...
If under 21 NJ law states that you may be under the influence if your blood alcohol level content is :
You Must Stop
On a 2 lane road not near a school when
a school bus is stopped and its red lights
are flashing:
If a person has been drinking, the only thing
that can SOBER them up is:
6 months of supervised driving
The holder of a Provisional License, who is under the age of 21 , may drive unsupervised when the following requirement is met:
25 M.P.H
Speed limit in a Business or Residential area unless otherwise posted:
Be ready to stop if necessary
When 2 roads intersect and there are no signs or signals, it is a good practice to:
reduce speed and be ready to stop
When approaching or nearing an uncontrolled intersection you should:
Any passenger from their shared
residence plus 1 additional person
How many passengers may accompany the holder of a validated GDL Special Learner's Permit in the vehicle?
Approach the turn as close to the centerline of the road as possible
Make the turn before reaching the center of the intersection
Turn into the left lane of the road going in your direction
When making a left turn from a 2 way road
onto a 4 lane highway, the proper way to turn is:
red, yellow, green
The order of colors on a traffic light hung top to bottom:
Stop with enough distance so you will not be in a blind spot
and you can see the driver in his mirror.
If you approach an intersection and a large truck is stopped for the traffic light, you should:
Pull over to the extreme right of the roadwayand stop, letting them pass you.
Police Cars, Fire Trucks, Ambulances, Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad Workers responding to emergencies use sirens and red or blue flashing lights. When you see or hear them, you must:
14 Days
When you move to New Jersey
from another state you must have your
vehicle inspected within:
Valid Permit
Valid Registration
Valid Insurance
Valid Inspection Sticker,
At the Time of your Road Test , you must present:
A 12 ounce can of beer has as much alcohol in it as:
5 oz. Table wine
1.5 oz. of 86 proof whiskey
A green light means:
Go when safe...
At any concentrated level including
Limitations of these vehicles regarding
visibility, stopping distances required, and maneuverability.
To Safely share the road with large trucks and buses, you must know:
New Jersey Law states that if you are 21 or older
you may or may not be under the influence if your BAC is:
More than .05% but less than .08%
Adult Supervising driver
A holder of a student permit must have the following with them while driving:
Hand held electronic devices
Hand held video games
Cell phones
The holder of a Provisional Driver License
is not permitted use of which of the following
while driving:
use your horns and lights...
The best way to "talk" to other drivers on the road is to:
Become involved in a lawsuit...
If a person gets drunk in your home,
and has a motor vehicle accident after
leaving your home, you could:
Signals should be used:
10 feet
you may not park within how many feet of a fire hydrant?
Avoid looking at any one thing for more than a few seconds
To avoid Highway Hypnosis when driving on
an expressway, it is a good

practice to:
Pass the Road Test
Attain 17 years of age
Complete a minimum of 6 months of supervised driving
A Black and Yellow Circle
A Railroad Crossing Sign is:
When the Pavement is marked with 2 centerlines,
1 solid and 1 broken:
Passing is only permitted on the side with the broken line.
When driving around a curve, your vehicle may tend to:
A person may operate a moped with:
A valid Basic license, Avalid motorcycle license, or a valid moped license
Grip the wheel firmly, Let up on the Gas pedal and let the car coast to a stop.
Slow Down Gradually...
If you have a flat tire or Blowout you Should :
Any change of
Address must be reported
to the MVC within what time period?
1 Week
Allow the vehicle to slow down
Hydroplaning is a driving condition
where the tires lose traction on a wet road and float on a layer of water and slush; when this happens, you should
Dim your lights to Low-Beam when:
A car is approaching you or when you are behind another car.
18 with the completion of prvisional requirements
At what age is the holder of a GDL Special Learner's permit
eligible to obtain a basic driver's license?
Warning sign
A Diamond shaped sign is a :
An extra lane at a highway exit.
A fine up to 500.00
6 months imprisonment
loss of driving privilege
A decceleration lane is:
The holder of a validated GDL
Student Learner's Permit must
meet the following criteria to
obtain a Provisional License:
11:01 P.M. and 5:00 A.M.
The holder of a valid GDL Special Learner's Permit
must not drive between the hours of:
The shape of a yield sign is:
Wipers on...Headlights on...
A Provisional driver , during daylight hours when raining,
must have :
Altering a driver's license,
or showing and altered driver's license,
may result in:
New Jersey State Driver Education
Written Exam

In the event of a crash or sudden stop , use of seatbelts may:
Driving while under the influence of intoxicating beverages means:
Your senses and or judgement are impaired by alcohol
Studies show that the greatest number of people arrested for drunk driving have been drinking :
In New Jersey, studded snow tires
can be legally used between:
November 15th and April 1st
If a vehicle is passing you, you should:
Slow down to make it easier for the driver to complete the pass in time.
The meaning of a hand signal when a driver's hand and arm are upward:
Right - Turn
The best way to take a curve is:
Slow down before entering the curve.
Who is required by GDL Law to wear a seat belt in the vehicle?
All passengers.
Road surfaces are most slippery:
during the first few minutes of rainfall
You should always yield to:
Emergency vehicles
Vehicles already in the intersection
The holder of a provisional License,
under 21 years of age, is permitted to have
how many non-houshold members in the car?
You cannot park within how many feet
of a crosswalk at an intersection?
25 feet
When approaching a railroad crossing with flashing lights you must :
The meaning of a hand signal when a driver's hand and arm are downward is:
Slow or stop
The holder of a Provisional Driver License is not permitted use of which of the following while driving?
Hand held electronic devices
Hand held video games
Cell phones
How much is the fine for violation
of any of the conditions of the GDL
Permits or Provisional License?
100.00 first offense
Whether your blood alcohol content rises above legal limits
depends on:
Body Weight
Amount you drink
Time you take to drink
Which of the following convictions will result in an Insurance Surcharge.
Operating under the influence of Liquor Drugs,
Refusal to take a Breathalyzer Test,
If you go into a skid:
Take your foot
off the gas pedal
If not prohibited by a
"no turn on red sign",
New Jersey law permits
you to turn right on red
Making a complete stop and checking traffic
When Sharing the road with
large trucks or buses, you should:
Give more roadway to a truck making a wide turn
Leave more space when stopping behind a truck or bus
Maintain a consistant speed when passing
Before turning, you must signal at least:
100 feet in advance
Emotions can have a great effect on your driving ;
if you are angry or excited you should:
Give yourself time to cool off
Supervised driving required for a GDL (Over 21 years of age)
3 Months
An 8-sided sign is a:
Stop Sign
A single solid White line across a road at an intersection means:
Stop behind the line for a traffic signal or light
It is a good practice
to keep a space cushion to:
Give you time to react
When driving at night, be sure that you can
within the distance you can see ahead
When passing a large truck or bus
it is important to remember:
There are several no-zones (blind spots)
in which the driver cannot see you.
A person may operate a Moped with a:
A valid License, A valid Motorcycle License,
A valid Moped License
The meaning of a hand signal where a driver's hand and arm are straight is:
Left Turn
When your license is returned to you after suspension for points, or after completing a MVC Driver Improvement program,
you will be on probation for:
2 years
Before turning, you must signal at least:
100 Feet
in advance
1.5 ounces of 86 proof
contains the
same amount
of alcohol as:
12 0unces
of Beer
NJ State Law requires that a child must be seated in a child restraint device while riding in a car if:
The child is under 5 years of age and riding in the front seat
The child is under 18 months of age and riding in the front seat
The child is under 18 months and is riding in the back seat
Which of the following drinks contain the highest alcohol
5 0z. of table wine
1.5 oz of whiskey
12 oz. beer
A Provisional Driver is "provisional"
for how long?
1 year
By Law you are considered under the influence if your BAC has reached:
.08 %
What's the lowest passing grade you can get on th Driver Ed Written Exam ?
Implied Consent means:
you automatically agree to a breath test following an arrest for a suspected
drinking and driving offense.
Every vehicle registered in New Jersey must be insured for:
You may pass on the right when:
The driver ahead is turning left
and there is a proper lane on the
After 2 - 4 drinks, alcohol begins to impair your:
Reaction Time
To maintain a proper following distance when driving, you should stay at least :
2 - 3 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you
If a student driver commits a traffic offense the ticket will
be written to:
Both the student and instructor
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Set 2
Set 3
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