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Respiratory System

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Transcript of Respiratory System

Respiratory System Body Parts
a pair of breathing organs located with the chest which remove carbon dioxide from and bring oxygen to the blood. There is a right and left lung.

are two tubes through
which air moves to the lungs.

Fun Facts-
We breathe 13
pintsof air a minute. Yawning brings more
oxygen to the lungs A human sneeze travels
quickly. The fastest
sneeze on record is 102 miles
per hour. Some Disease caused by repiratory system-
1. Lung Cancer -
malignant tumors that develop
in lung tissue.
2. Pneumonia -
infection of the lungs caused
by a virus or bacteria.
3. Asthma -
constriction of hypersensitive
airways. Trachea-
A tube-like portion of the breathing or "respiratory" tract that connects the "voice box" (larynx) with the bronchial parts of the lungs. Nasal Cavity-
an incompletely divided
chamber that lies between
the floor of the skull and
the roof of the mouth and
functions in the warming and
filtering of inhaled air and in
the sensing of odors How to keep your respiratory
system healthy!
1. Do not smoke cigarettes.
2. Exercise daily to the point
of being out of breath.
3. Try holding your breath as
long as possible to expand your
lungs -do this every 1-5 hours- HEALTHY LUNG UNHEALTHY LUNG-
caused by smoking. Ways to cure some of the respiratory diseases!
1. Asthma- is a chronic but treatable condition. You can manage your condition much like someone manages diabetes or heart disease. You and your doctor can work together to control asthma, reduce the severity and frequency of attacks and help maintain a normal, active life.
2. Pneumonia- you can take antibiotics to get rid of Pneumonia.
3. Lung ancer- Surgery can cure lung cancer, but only one in five patients are suitable for this treatment. If the tumour has not spread outside the chest and does not involve vital structures such as the liver, then surgical removal may be possible. Small cell lung cancer is treated with chemotherapy.
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