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No description

tiro chan

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of ISLAND

fact about islands:
islands vary in size from just 0.15 square kilometers up to 2.2 million square kilometers.
Madagascar is thought to be the world 's oldest islands.
We can now live and enjoy the true nature. Without using electronic appliances, we can understand there are more outside of the world.
special about island:
there were 175,000 islands on earth
Rhode island is the smallest state size in United States.It covers an area of 1,214 square miles.Its distancess North to South are 48 miles and East to West 37 miles.
fast fact
p.s the most cool opionion
Chirstmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean 2,623 kilometres north-west of perth.It is 19 kilometres long and 14 kilometres wide and has an area of 135,000 hectares.
mini fact about island
country that have island is:
6.North america
7.South america
The most biggest island in the world is green land.
By:Tiro, Simon, and Great
Negative about island
volcano can eurupt in the island without knowing, breathing in the ash of volcano can make us die.
p.s. it can eurupt and the lava will come!
Archaeological evidence suggests that St. Thomas was once home to natives of the Ciboney tribes, the Taino or Arawak tribe and the Caribs. Indian populations had plummeted due to disease brought by Europeans, raid by Spanish settlers from neigh.
life on earth is antonishingly diffrent, with the total number livings special estimate somewhere between a staggering 5 and 30 millions, with the rate of specials extinction in excess of one thousand time in the 'natural' rate ,conversation effort for the world's animal,and plant as well as numerous other organisms,have never been more vital.
An outfit that can be find in the island
1. Hunt the animals: eat the animal meats, and take the skin as a clothes.
bear= more fur= warmer outfit
2. Nature outfit: leaves and bamboos
Benefits About Islands:
Weather in the islands:
1.BainBridge islands,(98110)weather
FRI:mostly cloudly 53° 36° 0%
SAT:mostly cloundly 53°39°chance of rain:wind:0%
SUN:cloundy 50° 40°chance of rain:20%
MON:partly cloundly 55° 39°chance of rain:wind20%
TUE:partly cloundly 55° 39°
WED:mostly cloundly 53° 39° chance of rain wind:0%
THU:partly cloundly 53° 38° chance of rain:0%
FRI:sunny!!!54° 37° chance of rain: 0%

shelter that we can find in island
use the tree in the island tomake a house using wood
make a tree house
water in the island
use the water that the sea then put in the filter so it not salt
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