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the study of merging and fusion of cultures on the basis of human rights, possibility on new social emergences and permanent learning of others.

jose amos

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of mult1

From the constitution of multiculturalism
as a partial solution to tolerant and heterogeneous reality
multicultrality and the process of
intercultural transformation
A time of questioned world in the nineteen sixties
A time of convulsed world from sixties till today
the identification a phenomenon resulting from the interaction between two or more races, ethnias or ideologies and which leads to a social problem.

The identification establishes a noun with characteristics and qualities:
Differences, Tolerance, Respect.

Problem solution has superficial or extrinsic treatment. Looks for a partial social equilibrium imposed by dominants.
the identification a phenomenon resulting from the interaction between two or more races, urban groups or ideologies i.e. feminism youth liberation, and which imposes human rights to be applied in a social problem.implies

Problem identification requires the use of adjectives that apply specific values and rights. It implies distinctions, couplings, same opportunities.

Problem solution pay attention to inner necessities and attitudes with others.
Looks for a possible social equilibrium between dominante and dominated Interculturality
the identification a phenomenon as a permanent interaction between two or more cultures and are always in transformation.

The interaction implies the embodiments of learning like a verb conjugation within properties and qualities I terms of
distinctions, couplings, diverse equilibrium.

Problem solution pay attention to inner/outer couplings of attitudes with others. Looks for independent but coupled social equilibrium between dominant and dominated

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