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The Gummi Bear Osmosis Lab

No description

pro kanyinda

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of The Gummi Bear Osmosis Lab

After reading the procedures, the process of filling two cups with water was carried out. One with distilled water and one with salt, after weighing the mass two gummi bears they are placed in the two cups of water one yellow placed in the distilled and the other gummi bear which was red placed in the salt water.
Since Osmosis is the diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane the experiment was testing how water molecules with a higher concentration can move into another area of low concentration.
And with that he hypothesis used in the experiment was if gummy bears are soaking distilled water, then will slowly devolve. If gummy bear are soaking in salt water, then will dissolve quickly.
Materials and Procedure
* (2) Gummi Bears
* (2) Plastic cups
* Distilled water
* Saturated salt solution
*Paper towel
* Electronic balance
Reject hypothesis.
The reason why the hypothesis was rejected was because the salt water didn't resolve nor did the distilled water gummy bear instead the distilled water gummy grew while the salt water gummy sort of acted like a heterogeneous mixture and broke apart in the water but it never dissolved.
Gummi-Mosis Osmosis Lab
By: Cadime Kanyinda Pd. 2
Independent: type of water, Dependent: the mass of the bear,
Constant: same brand of gummy bear
1. Obtain two plastic cups and two different color Gummi Bear
2.Use masking tape and marker to label each
3. Find The mass of each bear using a balance. Record the data table.
4. Place the bears in the cups.
5. Pour distilled water in the cup marked distilled. Pour enough water in the cup to fully cover the bear (1/2)
6. Pour salt water in the cup marked salt water. Pour enough water in the cup to fully cover the bear (1/2)
7. Let the gummy bears soak over night
8. On the next lab day, gently pour the water from each cup over a screen into a sink
9. Blot the screen dry by placing it on paper towel
11. Find the mass of the screen alone. Calculate the mass of the bear.
Safety procedures:
*Wear closed toed shoes * Tie long hair up *Wear protective eyewear
Data and Results
Percent changes
Types of water
Data & Results
The Gummy Bear that was in the distilled water grew in size and lost some of the color

The Gummy Bear in the salt water broke down into a slimy mess of goo, it sort of liquified but it still kept it's shape.
Results in the Graph showed a increase in growth for both the distilled and the salt water gummy bear but the gummy bear that was in the distilled water was weighed more in mass (13.46), concluding the results are very accurate.
In order to further investigate the problem, maybe there could be four gummy bears that each have their own cup of either distilled and salt and see if the results are the same as this experiment.
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