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No description

Yasser Bashir

on 10 February 2011

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Transcript of WWWH-Arbisoft-dark

Arbisoft - Company Story Where Why How What At Arbisoft
we love
to build
and refine
that improves lives -
while developing great
relationships along the way In our 4 year history, we have created:
backend technology for the world's leading web businesses
mobile apps for the android, iphone, and blackberry used by millions of people
3d modelling and animation software for academia
enterprise and web 2.0 applications
software to help social causes Relationships Growth Satisfaction World's #1 travel search engine More than 1.5 million unique visitors everyday Arbisoft team of 30 helps build Kayak mobile apps, backend and analytics Biig Biggest network of personal health monitoring kiosks in America 25,000 kiosks in supermarkets and stores Indeed is the #1 job site worldwide Break the vicious circle of mediocre success InsufficientRewards High Turnover Moderate Success Circle of Concern Circle of Influence Circle of Influence Circle of Concern Over 40 million unique visitors per month From more than 50 countries in 24 languages Corporate Social Responsibility I have managed remote teams now for over ten years, and our work with Arbisoft is the best experience I've had for offsite contractors Paul English
Co-founder and CTO, Kayak.com I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the work you and your team have been doing. Of all the overseas teams I've worked with, yours is the most communicative, most responsive and most talented
Matt Hasel
Program Manager, eHuman.com Acknowledgement Capitalize on relationships created over the years Product
Service Simple
Rules Build a happy workplace for passionate engineers Work really hard Share your success with everyone Core Values Collaboration trumps competition Excellence trumps success Value trumps profits Effort trumps IQ Sometimes organizations are successful despite what they do, not because of what they do. Robert Sutton O'Reilly 1+ Million Downloads Featured as the best travel app in Google Marketplace Best Android Travel Booking App!! 2.5 million unique devices Best Blackberry application Gettie Awards 2010 We build mobile and web apps for LC
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