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Moving away from it all

No description

elena cedenilla

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of Moving away from it all

Moving away from it all
How I escape from routine
When I need to get away from daily life or I need a break...
I like to go to the mountain for hiking
My own experience
What spring to mind when you hear "go to the mountain for hiking"?
I sometimes need to focus on things that are not mundane routine and this activity is a way to avoid feeling constantly under stress.

Crossing the bridge
Somewhere off the beaten track
For mental escape, people usually spend time
alone, try a calming activity, practice yoga, read
a book, ...

For planning a trip, people sometimes prefer to
book a package holiday or a guided group tours
to avoid problems and unforeseen circumstances.
I don't mean to reach the summit before nightfall
Mulhacén 3496 m.
I like arranging the trip individually because I
can look for some places
off the beaten track
and travel
on a shoestring budget.
I hope my Prezi presentation brings the house down
Empty your mind out.
Enjoy the landscape full
of colors and sounds.
Have a rest and
take a deep breath
of fresh air.
It isn't a race.
Open your own paths
Don't follow other people's

Thanks for
your attention
The beginning is an unforgettable
childhood adventure
When I was a child, I used to spend the summer in a small village doing enjoyable activities in nature. The countryside and the river were my playground
I enjoyed climbing out the gnarled branches of the olive trees and jumping from the rocks into the sparkling stream
Somewhere off the beaten track
It’s still possible to trek for days through some truly remote areas where to admire the stunning views, discover new paths and enjoy the sounds, the smells and the colors of nature.
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