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opposite quantities that combine to make zero

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jessica wilson

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of opposite quantities that combine to make zero

quantities that combine to make zero
Temperatures on a thermometer
Temperatures above zero degrees are positive (+10) and temperatures below zero degrees are negative (-10).
Sports Scores
If your favorite football team gained 4 yards during the big game, it could be represented by +4. Should your team lose 4 yards, it could be represented by -4.
Weight gain and loss
Sam gained 8 pounds while on a Caribbean cruise (+8), but lost 8 pounds (-8) after he returned home.
A location in death valley has an elevation of -282 feet (which is below sea level), while a location near Coffin Peak has an elevation of +282 feet (which is above sea level).
An airplane leaves the airport and climbs to an altitude (height) of 2500 feet (+2500). To land, the plane must lose 2500 feet of altitude (-2500).
Positive and negative numbers can represent or describe many different situations which demonstrate the concept of opposites!
Write this
John earned $5.oo doing his chores on Sunday. On Monday, John bought a video game that cost $5.00. How much does John have left?
The amount John earned is a quantity and the amount John spent is a quantity. Why do they combine to make zero?
What about this...
John earned $5.00 doing his chores on Sunday. On Monday, he bought a candy bar that cost $1.50 and a magazine that cost $3.50. How much money does John have left?
Can you make a math sentence to represent this? Are these opposite quantities?
Your turn: with your partner, create two written scenarios where quantities combine to make zero.

1) a scenario where the quantities are opposite quantities.
2) A different scenario where quantities are not opposite quantities

Additive inverse
Additive inverses are numbers and their opposites that have a sum of zero.
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