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BPS Updates

No description

Laura Galloway

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of BPS Updates

Program Overview
No new programs of study this year.
Two Program Assessments (the Bachelor of Business Administration and the Master of Public Administration)
MSHR launch Fall 2016
We’ll be planning a “dual credit” approach to our graduate Business programs of study this year, with our anticipated launch being the 2017-18 academic year.
This approach will shorten the degree path for eligible students to complete both the BBA and MBA programs of study at Brandman.
Our focus will be in two areas: General Business and Accounting. Our hope is that the savings in tuition, textbook costs and time a “Fast Track” option will offer to potential students will make us more competitive in the future.


CBE Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
by: Dr. Jalin Johnson
Dr. Laura Galloway

We’re still working on completing the final competencies in this degree program. Students are beginning to enroll in the initial competencies currently, and there is an extensive marketing launch effort in the works.
Master of Science in Human Resources degree program
HR Graduate Certificate
HR Emphasis Area to the MBA degree program
courses have been well received by students and the adjunct faculty members.
We expect to have a number of continuous improvement efforts on these new HR courses once they’ve been taught once or twice this year.
Overall, it was a smooth launch for this newly revised degree program and we’re appreciative of the Board guidance we received during its development stages over the past two years.
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology using digital textbooks in the core classes. The textbook cost savings to students will be close to $2,000.
Depending on the success of this venture, we may look at integrating this approach in other degree programs on a priority basis – with the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership being a prime target.
Digitial Textbooks
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