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My Personal Passion Project

No description

L. Servedio

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of My Personal Passion Project

American Idol is an awesome reality TV show that focuses on finding the next big young singer in America. American Idol started out small, but has grown to be one of the most popular television shows ever. American Idol started in 2002, but was based on the similar British show, Pop Idol. American Idol has many different rounds and stages.
Here are some of them and how they work. Pre-Auditions and Auditions Hollywood Week Semi Finals Finals Finale Before excited hopefuls get to audition in front of the
judges, they actually have to go through two rounds of
cuts performing in front of producers of the show. They
then audition in front of the panel of judges, who decide amongst themselves if that contestant will advance to Hollywood, the next round. The activities during Hollywood Week vary by season, but they generally consist of group performances and individual performances. There are also various stages of elimination during this time, but by the end, there are only usually 24 contestants left, who continue their journey to the semifinals. Season 11 Top 6 finalist, Elise Testone, awaits
the judges desicion during Hollywood Week. Winners Hollywood Week group photo,
season 11. Top 12 Girls Season 11 Top 16 Guys Season 11 Kelly Clarkson Season 1 Ruben Studdard Season 2 After the two nights of semi-finalist
elimination, the competition continues
with the top twelve or thirteen competitors.
This is the heart of the season, the live part on
television. There are now two nights a week, the
first where the contestants sing one or two songs
each based on the theme of the week, and the next
night is elimination with a few performances by guest
singers. This goes on unless the judges decide to use
their save... The finale is a two hour long grand event
where the new American Idol is crowned. You
might be wondering how Ryan Seacrest can stretch this out for two hours, despite his amazing emcee skills, but there are plenty of fun fillers. •Performances by the top twelve
•Funny clips from throughout the season
•Guest performers Controversy Many people do not like American Idol Here are some of the main problems:
•Voting problems
•Race and gender bias/WGWG
•Contestant issues Most of these controversies have resulted in either action from the heads of American Idol or reactions, uprisings, or protests from the fans. Why I Like it Many people think American Idol is just a worthless reality show, no different than any other of those singing competitions. But, for some reason, I can't get attached to any other similar shows like "The X Factor" or "The Voice".
Here are some reasons I like American Idol: American Idol: Random Facts!! Ford, Coke, AT&T, and Apple iTunes Partners Idol Gives Back Richard Rushfield, author of the book American Idol: The Untold Story, said about the WGWG factor and gender bias, “You have this alliance between young girls and grandmas and they see it, not necessarily as a contest to create a pop star competing on the contemporary radio, but as…who’s the nicest guy in a popularity contest,” he says, “And that has led to this dynasty of four, and possibly now five, consecutive, affable, very nice, good-looking white boys.” American Idol made Fox the number one TV network
for audience ages 18-49 for seven years leading up to 2011. By season six, American Idol displayed 4,349 product placements, according to Nielsen Media Research. The top 10 contestants go on tour around Canada and US after each season. I went to this past season's concert at the Air Canada Center!! American Idol also releases albums of popular performances from the season, and of the winners' coronation single. (ex Phillip Phillips "Home") Some American Idol spin-offs:
American Juniors
American Idol Rewind
American Idol Extra
The Next Great American Band
From Justin to Kelly
An American Idol Christmas
Idol Camp
Idol Wrap Season eleven of American Idol suffered a decline in ratings, caused by some to the arrival of new shows such as The Voice and The X-Factor The judges see a wide range
of auditions-in both genres and wackyness. Hollywood week really puts the contestants' singing and nerves to the test. The semi-finals are usually done like this. First,
the contestants are divided up into 2 groups- boys
and girls, with about 13 or 14 in each group, depending
on how many the judges eliminated during Hollywood
Week. Then, there are three nights of American Idol that
week... There are also many,many controversies about it. Idol Gives Back is a special episode of American Idol, usually combined with results night, that includes performances by celebrities and Idol alumni and various fundraising initiatives. Fantasia Barrino Season 3 Carrie Underwood Season 4 Taylor Hicks Season 5 Jordin Sparks Season 6 David Cook Season 7 Kris Allen Season 8 Lee DeWyze Season 9 Scotty McCreery Season 10 Phillip Phillips Season 11 •Gives a chance to young, ordinary citizens.
• I like hearing the stories of contestants and
funny features.
• The interaction between the judges and the
contestants. All in all.......... I remember how it all started.... one night my dad was flicking through channels on TV, when I saw Ryan Seacrest
driving a golf cart through a safari. (Don't ask me how that relates to singing...) I asked my dad what it was, and he told me it was American Idol. I had heard of American Idol before, and but had never watched it, because I thought since I didn't like
singing, I wouldn't like a singing competition. Well, that turned out to be the most untrue statement of my life. After I watched that first episode (season 9 auditions) I was hooked. And I mean HOOKED!!!! Ever since that fateful night, I have refused to miss an episode!!! Even though I am terrible at predicting winners (my favs never make it past the top 5!!) I still get into it from the very first days of the auditions!
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