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What would Goffman think about furries?

based on MA in Librarianship dissertation 2009/10

Liam Bullingham

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of What would Goffman think about furries?

Liam Bullingham
What would Goffman think about furries?:
persona adoption and identity masking in blogs and Second Life
Conclusion, reflection
how users adopt masks/online personae, why do they do this,
and the extent they go to
the online self
blended identity
'gender swapping'
the avatar
can users now control what they 'give off'?
griefing & kindness
second blogs and 'alts'
identity tourism
language analysis & voice
use of online space
Literature Review
Online identity is ambiguous, need richer data > Qualitative
Semi-structured interviews -high quality, candid answers, can expand on answers
10 participants: 4 BL + 4 SL + 2 both
Grounded theory and themes
Expressions given
'Fitting in' - a key motivation for persona adoption
Recreating the offline self online
Dividing the self
Minor persona adoption through embellishment
Information evaluation techniques are not always needed
'Recreating the offline self online' was an unexpected finding!
- was the scope too narrow?
The presentation of
self in everyday life
'give and give off'

Second Life
'Why do users choose to adopt different personae?'
'How do they do this?'
'Can some forms of persona adoption be considered to be subtler than others?
'Can we evaluate the information that is presented to us in blogs and Second Life,
and from that, make informed decisions?'
Sampling difficult > small sample
Confidence low at start, hard to start writing > changes as knowledge increases
face time with supervisor v. important
explain my research
what is Second Life? (and blogs)
How I applied academic theory to this area
New ways of looking at digital media, and research methodologies
In this lecture:
To find this presentation:

Goffman furries prezi
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